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Pricey Cosmic Group,
Are you waking up each morning feeling extra drained and exhausted than you have been earlier than you went to sleep? Maybe you don’t have any concept of what day it’s, the place you’ve been, who you’ve met in your desires and the place you’re at present at? It could take some time to return again into the current second. Certainly, one thing tells you that you simply’ve been busy all evening, serving to others in your sleep. If that is taking place to you (with an growing regularity) then know, that you simply’re not alone.

The house in-between ages
Many hundreds of souls globally (who’re working diligently to lift their consciousness) are being referred to as upon by the higher echelons of sunshine to help in humanity’s unfolding transition into the Aquarian age. This transition grew in power in December 2020, on the nice conjunction of sunshine between Jupiter and Saturn (which each met in Aquarius). The transition from the present astrological age of Pisces into the following (Aquarius), spans many tons of of years, and proper now, you’re experiencing the house in-between ages. It may be uncomfortable and divisive, as your rising consciousness will are likely to see you affiliate with one age or the opposite. It’s throughout this in-between part that means showers are being referred to as to help their fellow souls to rise in self-knowing. It’s a task they tackle – willingly.

A lot of this work takes place at evening, on the sub-conscious stage, throughout your bodily sleep. I name this work, ‘The Non secular Evening Shift’. Figuring out that ‘The Non secular Evening Shift’ exists and the way you might be a part of a broader community of souls conducting international therapeutic at evening, lets you develop a deeper understanding of find out how to navigate this usually complicated house. So, let’s take a look at what ‘The Non secular Evening Shift’ is, the way it pertains to you and the way your ascension course of is probably going ‘accelerating’ throughout your sleeping hours; via the portal of your desires.

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