Luqman’s Dyslexia Weblog: My weblog submit’s views

Luqman’s Dyslexia Weblog: My weblog submit’s views


That is to maintain a file of the views of various international locations
that go to my weblog.

Listed here are the international locations as of this morning.

That is the primary time I’m seeing Northern Mariana Islands
on my weblog. It’s only a tiny dot on the map consisting of 14 islands that
belong to the US. OMG! What a pleasing shock.

One other shock is Ukraine which has been off my display
because the conflict started. They had been one of many high viewers earlier than the conflict started. Nepal
and Bulgaria are new comers. There are extra viewers from China which is encouraging. That
is a complete of at the very least 46 international locations.

That is free statistics supplied by Google.

If I had been to pay a charge I’ll get higher statistics however this
is nice sufficient for now.

Singapore, Malaysia, United States, China, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, United Kingdom,Australia, Northern Mariana Islands, Japan, Russia, France, India, Eire, Nepal, New Zealand, Ukraine, Indonesia, Different 55


 Replace on 28.1.24. 

United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong

Replace on 1.2.24

Sweden, Netherlands, Poland

Replace on 2.2.24

Palau islands. I used to be not conscious of such islands till I noticed the title on my weblog statistics.

Replace 4.2.24


Replace 5.2.24

Cambodia, Portugal, France 

Replace 9.2.24

Morocco, Iran

Replace 11.2.24


Replace 12.2.24

Türkiye,  Egypt

Replace 13.2.24

Luxembourg, Mozambique

Replace 14.2.24


Norway, Austria, Malta. 

Replace 16.2.24


South Africa. 




Replace 23.2.24


Thailand, Kenya. 


Replace 24.2.24



Replace 26.2.24


Replace 3.3.24

South Korea

Replace 10.3.24


Replace 14.3.24

Sri Lanka

Replace 17.3.24


Replace 17.3.24

Switzerland, Spain


Replace 24.3.24


Moldova,  Seychelles

Replace 30.3.24


Palau Maps & Facts - World Atlas

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