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Christian Dependancy Therapy step 2

Bible Verses to Ponder

an unclean spirit leaves an individual it goes by means of dry locations searching for a
place to relaxation. When it doesn’t discover any, it says, “I’ll return from the place I
got here from.” When it comes again, it finds it swept and so as. It then goes
and takes 7 different spirits that are extra depraved than itself and so they enter that
individual to dwell in him and the final state of that individual is worse than the

is seen in individuals who cease participating in an addictive habits, get their life
collectively and change into clear solely to revert again to participating within the addictive
habits extra steadily than they did earlier than quitting.

and it is going to be given to you, search and one can find it, knock and it is going to be
opened to you. For many who ask obtain, those that search discover and to those that
knock it’s opened … Should you being evil know the way to give good items to your
youngsters, how way more then will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to
those that ask Him!
 (Luke 11:9-13)

in religion with out doubting as a result of the one that doubts is sort of a wave of the
sea tossed by the wind. Let not that individual suppose that they may obtain
something from God as a result of they’re double-minded and unstable.
 (James 1:6-8)


God to fill you with His Holy Spirit proper now in order that while you expel any evil
spirits related to the addictive habits, in the event that they attempt to come again to regulate
your life once more, they may discover the Holy Spirit dwelling in you since your physique
is the
 Temple of the Holy
(1 Corinthians 6:19)

do that, say the next prayers whereas believing that God offers you what
you might be asking Him:

Heavenly Father I ask You within the identify of Jesus to take away any evil spirits
related to this dependancy from my life.

Heavenly Father I ask You within the identify of Jesus to fill me with Your Holy Spirit
for it’s written that if we ask You for the Holy Spirit you’ll give Him to
those that ask.


Set Your Stop Date

Stop Date is the day that you’ll formally cease participating within the addictive
habits. To decide on an excellent give up date, decide one that’s important to you want
your birthday so to inspire your self to attain your aim of by no means
participating within the addictive habits once more.

for functions of this Christian Dependancy Program we have now set your Stop Date for
Step 15. That is round 2 weeks from immediately assuming you’ll take 1 day to
full every step.

mark your Stop Date on the calendars in your cell phone and pc as nicely
as these hanging on the partitions of your property and workplace.

addition, inform your loved ones, pals and shut associates of your Stop Date so
that they can also start adjusting their existence to assist your determination to
cease participating within the addictive habits.

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