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Your Relationship Triggers (and Learn how to Cope), Based mostly On Your Enneagram Sort

Do you ever really feel just like the issues that actually make you mad in a relationship are utterly totally different than what triggers anger in your companion? Do you ever really feel trapped, stiffled, careworn, put upon, ignored, or taken benefit of? What’s triggering these emotions?

At present I need to try all of those anger-inducing emotions by means of the lens of the Enneagram. The Enneagram offers us a glimpse into our deepest emotional triggers, helps us see what we wish, what we worry, and what makes our pores and skin crawl with irritation. Let’s discover what units off every Enneagram sort and the way we will handle these emotions constructively.

Discover the Enneagram triggers of each of the nine Enneagram types, and find ways to cope. #Enneagram #PersonalityDiscover the Enneagram triggers of each of the nine Enneagram types, and find ways to cope. #Enneagram #Personality

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Your Relationship Triggers (and Learn how to Cope), Based mostly On Your Enneagram Sort

An infographic describing the relationship triggers of each of the nine Enneagram types. #Enneagram #personalityAn infographic describing the relationship triggers of each of the nine Enneagram types. #Enneagram #personality

Estimated studying time: 20 minutes

Enneagram 1 – The Perfectionist


  • Unfairness
  • Lack of accountability
  • Irresponsibility

How It Feels

  • Pressure, erectness, tightness
  • Suppressed anger, resentment

Deeper Perception

For you, integrity is an important factor in any individual or relationship. While you face perceived unfairness or irresponsibility, your interior critic goes into overdrive. Your fists clench, your jaw tightens, you inhale and maintain your breath, making an attempt to comprise your pent-up frustration or rage. You’re feeling overwhelmed by the concept that all the pieces has been left as much as you, that you’re separated out of your companion due to the variations in correctness, duty, or “proper”ness.

In your thoughts, you’re superior, they’re inferior. Slightly than being open and accepting, you’re feeling inflexible, constricted, tense, and judgmental. Why can’t they only do their half? Why can’t they only see what’s clearly fallacious of their life-style or choices?

As a One, you’re at all times placing strain on your self to be proper and good, above reproach. You spend your life making an attempt to be excellent, to examine each field, in order that nobody can ever level the finger at you and say “you failed.” However with this interior critic directed at you, you additionally are likely to level the finger at others, seeing the methods they’ve did not reside as much as your expectations. You may’t fathom how they will undergo life with out the identical feeling you might have of needing to be excellent always.

Self-Care Tip

Look at the methods you’re laborious on your self and ask your self whether or not it’s really good for you. You care about being good and proper; so are you being good and proper and truthful to your self? Is it truthful to anticipate or demand perfection of your self and others? Is it truthful and good and proper to be tense, overworked, and self-critical?

Apply acceptance, respiration, and letting go. Take time to acknowledge your flaws with out judgment, and prolong that very same understanding to these round you. This can be a large activity and one which I’m totally conscious can’t be summed up and instantly put into apply instantly with excellent efficacy. However just a bit time engaged on this constantly could make large variations in your total well-being.

When you find yourself feeling betrayed, it’s vital to precise your ideas and emotions. However first take time to resolve whether or not what you’re judging are precise errors or just variations in perspective. Acknowledge your interior choose and whether or not it’s in or out of line.

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Enneagram 2 – The Helper


  • Lack of appreciation
  • Obstacles whenever you “know what’s finest”
  • Lack of connection

How It Feels

  • Tightness and anxiousness in your chest
  • Nervousness, neediness
  • A sense of being unappreciated

Deeper Perception

As a Helper, your core want is to be beloved and appreciated. And for a lot of Twos, being indispensable is essential. You wish to be wanted; incomparable in your means to assist and supply steerage and love. You wish to be “the one” that others flip to for steerage, love, assist, and affection. Concurrently, you hope they are going to do the identical for you with out having to be requested.

When others don’t acknowledge your efforts or when your assistance is rejected, it looks like a private blow. This lack of appreciation can create tightness and anxiousness in your chest as you’re feeling an amazing have to show your price. Satisfaction, one of many vices of the Two, can present up within the feeling that you’re superior and the opposite individual is inferior within the relationship.

Throughout moments like this, you would possibly name out conduct that you simply see as egocentric or unappreciative. In any case, you might have finished a lot for the individual and have been so beneficiant! You may have at all times felt burdened with this want to satisfy others’ wants, and now they’re not letting you, or worse, they’re not even seeing or acknowledging your efforts.

While you encounter obstacles whereas making an attempt to assist others, particularly whenever you imagine you recognize what’s finest for them, it might set off frustration and a way of helplessness. That is adopted by a sense of loss and a determined have to reconnect.

Self-Care Tip

Perceive that your price is just not solely depending on the approval of others. Apply self-love and acknowledge your personal worth and contributions independently of exterior validation. Apply saying ‘No’, not simply to others however to your self whenever you really feel compelled to overburden your self and provides in hopes of getting one thing again.

I do know it’s simple to spout off these self-care ideas that I’m certain a lot of you might have heard earlier than. It’s tougher to truly do them. As a Two, your modus operandi is to say ‘Sure’, to offer of your time, to assist, to hunt out connection. It’s a lot tougher to say ‘No’, to look inward and assess your motivations, to search for a way of price exterior of what you give. However even small, constant efforts right here could make large variations in your total happiness in a relationship.

Set up wholesome boundaries and acknowledge that typically, stepping again might be simply as useful as stepping in. Study to hear and respect others’ needs and area. It may be laborious at first, however with mindfulness and persistence you possibly can develop. In moments of hysteria and tightness, concentrate on grounding strategies like deep respiration, meditation, and even journaling to heart your self and alleviate the buildup of stress or anxiousness.

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Enneagram 3 – The Achiever


  • Obstacles in reaching duties or targets
  • Lack of approval or admiration
  • Picture points

How It Feels

  • Angst and impatience within the chest
  • Racing coronary heart, misery
  • Feeling of unapproved-of-ness

Deeper Perception

As an Achiever, your core drive is to achieve success and seen positively by others. You place a excessive worth on achievements and the admiration that comes with them, equating your price together with your accomplishments. While you face obstacles in reaching your targets, it triggers deep emotions of misery and impatience. Your coronary heart begins to race, you start to fret that all the pieces will crumble, that you simply’ll fail, lose, that your price won’t ever be achieved.

Equally, when approval or admiration from others is missing, you’re feeling a profound sense of unworthiness. Picture points additionally strike you laborious; you at all times wish to seem polished, competent, prepared for something. These triggers result in bodily manifestations like a racing coronary heart and misery, additional fueling your anxiousness.

In these moments, the sensation of being unapproved of or unnoticed can overwhelm you. This usually pushes you to work even tougher, pushed by the false perception that your worth is tied solely to your success and others’ perceptions of you. You’re feeling you “can not fail”, and that you need to keep away from any wrinkle in your excellent picture in any respect prices. In relationships, this could imply that you simply’re triggered by individuals who get in the best way of your targets, miss out on your achievements, or who criticize you in any means.

Self-Care Tip

Enable your self to decelerate, change into extra receptive, and aware. Acknowledge that the sensation of being unacceptable with out success is fake. Apply letting go of the best way you’re feeling you want others to reply to you. Enable your self to let go and “be” fairly than to easily “do.” Discover your peace, what offers you a way of calm, and infuse daily with extra of that. It might sound impractical typically (your to-do checklist is overflowing!), nevertheless it’s key to not getting overwhelmed and annoyed in your life and relationships.

Apply deep respiration and mindfulness strategies to launch the necessity for fixed validation and exterior approval. It’s vital to take time for self-reflection, acknowledging your inherent price aside out of your achievements. Set up a stability between striving for achievement and appreciating the current second, and concentrate on forming deep, genuine connections that transcend surface-level admiration.

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Enneagram 4 – The Individualist


  • Disappointment
  • Feeling unheard, unimportant, unseen

How It Feels

  • Insufferable disappointment, heartache
  • Sick feeling within the abdomen
  • Spiral into inferiority and anguish

Deeper Perception

You might be delicate to emotional nuances. Emotions of being neglected or unimportant can spiral into deep disappointment and heartache. As an Individualist, you constantly attempt to seek out that preferrred love or scenario, one wherein you’re feeling really ‘Seen.’ You may have a deep-seated have to be extraordinary, to keep away from mediocrity in any respect prices. Your life might be a relentless quest for uniqueness and goal, looking for one thing intense and extraordinary. However this drive can typically include a heavy toll.

An ‘common’ relationship can really feel unfulfilling and mundane. There are occasions you’re feeling like all of the nuance and depth of who you’re is invisible to the folks you care most about. Perhaps life has change into extra about going by means of the motions than exploring one thing intense, extraordinary, and profound. Maybe you’re feeling like your companion doesn’t see you for who you actually are, or is content material with a way of life that’s too ‘cookie cutter’ for you.

You too can battle with comparisons—at all times seeing your self as ‘lower than’ others, irrespective of how a lot you obtain or how distinctive you change into. It’s exhausting to measure your price in opposition to others’ successes and really feel that you simply by some means come up quick. You would possibly end up at all times anticipating others to have the identical intense beliefs as you do, and once they don’t, it results in profound disappointment.

Self-Care Tip

Being current within the second is likely one of the most vital issues for any relationship. Do you spend all of your time evaluating, contrasting, idealizing, imagining? Whereas creativeness and excessive beliefs generally is a very constructive factor, it might pull you away from the sweetness and richness of the second at occasions.

Invite your self to decelerate, breathe, and floor your self within the current second. Apply radical self-acceptance, recognizing and appreciating your distinctive qualities with out comparability to others. Let go of the ‘beliefs’ or imagined model of your self. Concentrate on who you actually are, proper now.

Take a look at your relationship objectively. Ask your self if the dissatisfaction you’re feeling is because of real points or if you’re setting unattainably excessive requirements in your companion. Simply as you evaluate your self negatively to others, you may additionally be holding unfair comparisons in your companion, which might create a cycle the place they by no means appear ‘sufficient.’ Take into consideration whether or not you’re idealizing what an ideal companion must be and the way that could possibly be affecting your relationship. To get assist with this, attempt speaking overtly together with your companion about your emotions with out inserting blame.

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Enneagram 5 – The Investigator


  • Invasions of privateness or independence
  • Emotional calls for from others
  • Somebody being disinterested in your information

How It Feels

  • Overwhelming have to detach
  • Compulsion to withhold affection, time, consideration
  • Feeling of shrinking into oneself

Deeper Perception

As an Investigator, you crave independence and have a excessive want for private area. When folks impede in your area or time, you would possibly really feel an urgency to withdraw. While you really feel folks crowding in on you, you get an amazing urge to detach, each emotionally and bodily, from the scenario or individual accountable. Your want to guard your interior world can appear to be withholding affection, time, and a spotlight from these round you, particularly once they place emotional calls for on you that really feel extreme or intrusive.

Alternatively, when others appear disinterested in your information, you possibly can really feel insulted or upset. This may trigger you to retreat even farther from folks, taking consolation in data-gathering versus emotional connection. The irony is that this self-imposed isolation, whereas meant to safeguard your inside assets, can amplify emotions of loneliness and additional entrench the limitations between you and others.

In relationships, this want for detachment would possibly end in your companion feeling uncared for or unimportant, particularly if they’re unaware of your underlying triggers. You might battle with balancing your want for solitude with the relational calls for and expectations of these near you.

Self-Care Tip

You want each independence and connection in a relationship. Communication, unsurprisingly, is essential. When somebody wants emotional connection, however you’re feeling drained, you possibly can say one thing like, ‘Hey, I can inform you’re wanting some one-on-one time proper now, and that’s actually vital. To ensure that me to be totally current with you I simply want about 20 minutes to clear my head. Is that okay?’

Clearly talk your want for private area to these round you, with out performing such as you’re simply disinterested in them. It’s useful to area out particular occasions for solitude whereas additionally dedicating time to foster and nurture your relationships.

Interact in mindfulness strategies that allow you to keep grounded and current, even whenever you really feel the urge to withdraw. Remind your self that sharing your ideas and affections doesn’t deplete your assets, however can really enrich your experiences and deepen your connections. Transfer gently in direction of opening up, slowly breaking down the limitations that preserve you remoted. Even 10 minutes of genuine dialog every day could make an enormous distinction in a relationship.

When feeling the compulsion to withhold, problem your self to supply small gestures of affection and acknowledgment. Giving somebody a delicate hug, bringing them a espresso, or letting them know one or two stuff you respect about them might be wildly efficient. You don’t essentially must do it ‘proper now’, however be sure to’re making these small gestures in direction of the one you love often.

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Enneagram 6 – The Loyalist


  • Potential hazards forward
  • Doubting your companion
  • Lack of preparedness from others

How It Feels

  • Adrenalized, anxious
  • Able to combat or flee
  • Hyper-vigilant, edgy

Deeper Perception

As a Loyalist, you’re continually scanning for hazard and potential threats. This heightened consciousness might be each a energy and a supply of stress. Doubts and perceived threats can activate your fight-or-flight response, setting you on edge and making you hyper-vigilant. You would possibly end up swinging between states of hysteria and readiness, at all times ready for one thing to go fallacious. This may be exhausting, not only for you but in addition for these round you who won’t perceive the depth of your considerations.

In relationships, your tendency to doubt and put together for worst-case situations can create pressure. Your companion could really feel like they’re strolling on eggshells, uncertain of reassure you. They could really feel such as you’re only a ‘worrywart’ and brush you off, otherwise you would possibly take a look at them whenever you really feel anxious, stepping into arguments to seek out out whether or not or not they’re actually and really there for you.

Alternatively, you might really feel like your companion doesn’t take you severely, like they’re at all times shaking their head and telling you ‘All the pieces’s going to be high quality’ whenever you’re not so certain. This may trigger battle and emotions of resentment if left unaddressed.

Self-Care Tip

It’s vital to acknowledge that your means of displaying love can appear to be giving folks common ’emergency alerts’ about issues that would go fallacious. Troubleshooting, planning, making ready, and cultivating safety are stuff you naturally do for the folks you care about. Perceive that your vigilance comes from a spot of care, but in addition permit your self to place confidence in your companion’s capacities and instinct. Apply trusting their means to deal with conditions with out at all times needing your intervention. This may be laborious at first, however imagine me, it’s price it.

One useful apply is to keep away from magnifying unfavorable situations in your thoughts. As an alternative, concentrate on what you possibly can management and handle your anxiousness by means of mindfulness and rest strategies. While you really feel the urge to query or doubt, take a second to breathe deeply and remind your self of the constructive facets of your relationship and the competence of your companion. Taking a while to take a stroll exterior, sit quietly in nature, meditate, or visualize a relaxing state of affairs can assist to scale back emotions of hyper-vigilance and anxiousness.

When coping with a companion who doesn’t take you severely and leaves you feeling ignored or dismissed, it’s okay to claim your wants clearly. Begin by selecting a relaxed second to speak; gently clarify how their actions influence you and share particular cases. Use “I really feel” statements to keep away from sounding accusatory, similar to “I really feel unheard when…” or “I really feel dismissed as a result of…”. Encourage an open dialogue the place each of you possibly can share your views and work in direction of understanding one another higher.

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Enneagram 7 – The Fanatic


  • Feeling restricted or confined
  • Experiencing disappointment or helplessness
  • Boredom and routine

How It Feels

  • Anxious frustration
  • Winding pressure in want of launch
  • Discomfort with heaviness

Deeper Perception

As a Fanatic, you thrive on pleasure, selection, and new experiences. Your want to reside a life stuffed with positivity and freedom can typically result in busily avoiding something that feels mundane or emotionally heavy. You might end up continually chasing the subsequent thrill, fearing that you simply’ll miss out on the enjoyment and journey life has to supply. However this infinite pursuit can result in frustration, particularly when circumstances or relationships really feel limiting.

In relationships, your want for perpetual pleasure and gratification can create challenges. In case your companion is extra targeted on practicalities and tasks, you would possibly really feel caught or irritated. Their extra ‘responsibility-first’ method could come throughout as a damper to your adventurous spirit, resulting in pressure and a disconnect between your differing approaches to life. You may also keep away from discussing deeper points, focusing as an alternative on distraction, enjoyable, and risk. Ultimately, this could imply that you’ve got a reasonably shallow connection, or your companion feels an absence of depth when making an attempt to be real or weak with you.

Self-Care Tip

Studying to just accept that life contains limitations, ache, and occasional boredom is essential. It in all probability appears fundamental and also you’re in all probability shaking your head, like ‘after all I do know that!’ nevertheless it’s so vital to recollect. The extra you attempt to run away from unfavorable emotions, the extra you possibly can find yourself in a hyper-distracted, reactive state that may doubtlessly trigger main relationship issues.

Whereas it’s pure to wish to escape unfavorable emotions, numbing your self to the dangerous can even numb you to the nice and pleasurable. True freedom and contentment come from embracing all of life’s experiences—the nice and the dangerous. Apply staying current and compassionate with what’s happening inside you, fairly than continually searching for exterior pleasure or distraction.

Constructing a stability between journey and depth in your relationships could make for a stronger and extra genuine relationship as effectively. Share your want for brand new experiences together with your companion, but in addition hear and respect their wants, whether or not that’s for extra sensible routine or extra weak discussions. Encourage open and trustworthy conversations about the way you each can meet midway.

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Enneagram 8 – The Challenger


  • Perceived violations of reality, equity, or justice
  • Problems with energy and management
  • Feeling overpowered or manipulated

How It Feels

  • A rush of warmth and intense vitality
  • An urge to dominate, management, or overpower
  • An intense adrenaline surge

Deeper Perception

As a Challenger, you’re pushed by a want for justice and an urge to be in management. While you really feel like somebody is making an attempt to overpower, manipulate, or act unfairly, you get a rush of intense, fiery vitality. This visceral response can flood your system inside seconds, propelling you right into a ‘fire-ready-aim’ mode. Common Eights act impulsively when this occurs, giving into their anger and doubtlessly performing in methods they later remorse. You don’t wish to be fooled, duped, managed, or performed, so you’re feeling you need to have the upper-hand and present that you simply haven’t misplaced any of your energy. The one downside with that is that you could lose contact together with your kinder, gentler, extra protecting aspect.

Whereas your robust persona could make your family members really feel secure, it might additionally make them really feel unsafe in case your anger is directed at them. Companions would possibly discover it troublesome to interact with you whenever you’re in a extremely reactive state, feeling anxious and even intimidated. It’s essential to acknowledge that whereas your model of reality and justice is important, it’s simply that: your model of reality and justice. It might not at all times align with the wants and freewill of others. Practising acutely aware conduct—holding your depth with perseverance, self-love, apply, and persistence—can rework these interactions.

Self-Care Tip

It’s alright to really feel the push of intense vitality when your sense of equity is threatened, nevertheless it’s important to keep away from performing out with blustery rage. Begin by slowing down and taking a number of deep breaths to floor your self. Embrace the surge of vitality, however apply channeling it in methods which are constructive fairly than damaging. Permitting your self to really feel with out instantly reacting helps you keep management over your feelings.

Attempt to take a second to see that there’s a couple of perspective within the scenario. While you really feel the urge to react, decelerate and breathe, state your case with out making accusations, and provides the opposite individual an opportunity to precise their aspect. This methodology not solely offers area for the opposite individual to reply however creates a safer setting for honesty and reality to actually thrive. If you want to, take a number of moments beforehand to enter a room and scream right into a pillow or do some push-ups to let loose of a few of your pent-up vitality.

By slowing down, respiration deeply, and practising persistence, you give your self the present of considerate response. It’s not about suppressing your depth however about harnessing it properly. Over time, you’ll discover that this method reduces the frequency of battle and permits your relationships to develop in mutual respect and understanding.

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Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker


  • Being pushed into motion or battle
  • Feeling neglected or ignored
  • Necessary needs or wants being dismissed

How It Feels

  • A way of heaviness, each emotionally and bodily
  • Feeling defeated, despairing, or sublimated
  • An amazing urge for consolation and withdrawal

Deeper Perception

As a Peacemaker, you worth concord and interior peace above all else. While you really feel triggered, it’s usually since you’re being nudged into motion or confrontation, each of which you naturally resist. You may additionally really feel triggered when one thing vital to you is ignored or dismissed. You’re annoyed and resentful that what’s vital to you is being neglected or unnoticed. This state could make you’re feeling weighed down, as if a heavy emotional and bodily blanket has been thrown over you. In these moments, your expression turns into diminished, and also you would possibly really feel the urge to hunt consolation in some type of routine, whether or not psychological, emotional, or bodily.

As a 9, peace is what you search. The issue is, peace in any respect prices can imply that you simply’re silencing your personal voice when battle or directness could be more practical. You would possibly end up deferring to others out of behavior, discovering it troublesome to point out up authentically. As an alternative of talking out about your hurts, you repress them, numbing your self to their sharp sting.

It’s vital to understand that in these moments of anger, your family members and companions (if their love is real) wish to know the true you. They don’t essentially need you to cave or give in to maintain the peace. But, you would possibly naturally deny or mute your self to keep up this sense of concord, which over time can result in emotions of complacency, resentment, or a way of residing half-alive.

Since you are likely to keep away from battle in any respect prices, loving a companion who calls for confrontation might be notably difficult. It’s essential keep in mind that you’re invaluable, your existence issues, and it’s secure to be your individuated self with out dropping all reference to others. Others want you to step ahead in your personal energy, reality, and want. Sharing your true self not solely permits you to really feel extra alive but in addition evokes others to do the identical.

Self-Care Tip

Enable your self to face up and be seen. Danger the protection of invisibility and embrace self-agency. It’s okay to be a bit uncomfortable; it’s an indication of development. By displaying up authentically and expressing your true wants and needs, you create an setting the place others can really feel secure to do the identical. You would possibly discover that it dramatically improves your relationships fairly than hurts them. Practising this could tremendously improve your relationships, fostering deeper, extra real connections. Bear in mind, your presence and your reality should not simply wanted—they’re important.

I’d like so as to add one caveat right here. In case your companion reacts negatively to you talking your reality, it’s a wonderful alternative to reassess the connection. If somebody requires you to silence your self or diminish your wants for the sake of their consolation, they don’t seem to be genuinely loving you. Real love is accepting and honoring one another’s individuality and development.

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What Do You Assume?

Do you relate to those anger triggers or these struggles? Do you might have any ideas for others together with your Enneagram sort who may be struggling of their relationships? Your experiences, tales, and life classes could possibly be simply what another person wants to listen to with a view to take the subsequent step in managing a serious battle! We’d love so that you can share your tales within the feedback.

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