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What the 9 Enneagram Varieties Are Considering About On a Flight

As somebody who has a reasonably irrational concern of flying, I usually surprise in regards to the unusual issues different individuals take into consideration after they’re caught in a steel tube hurtling by means of the sky. For me, each bump is a face-off with loss of life, and each calm smile of a flight attendant is a soothing balm to my soul. Whereas I attempt to seem calm and assured, inside I’m counting down the seconds till landing.  As an Enneagram coach, I assumed it will be enjoyable to discover what every sort is perhaps considering on a transcontinental flight. Brace yourselves. That is going to be a turbulent (and never so severe) experience!

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Discover what the 9 Enneagram types are really thinking about on a flight. #Enneagram #PersonalityDiscover what the 9 Enneagram types are really thinking about on a flight. #Enneagram #Personality

What the 9 Enneagram Varieties Are Considering About On a Flight

Find out what your true enneagram type is with our free enneagram test! #enneagram #PersonalityFind out what your true enneagram type is with our free enneagram test! #enneagram #Personality

Kind 1: The Perfectionist

As quickly as a One enters their row, they pull out their moist wipes and sanitize their seat, their tray desk, and the window. Whereas on the flight they’re in all probability inspecting the emergency exit directions with the depth of a bomb defusal skilled. “Why would they use Comedian Sans for such a important doc?” they’re considering, whereas silently judging the flight attendant’s uniform for not being crisply ironed. These varieties want all the pieces to be orderly {and professional}, and particularly on time. If their flight is delayed, they’ll be the primary to (politely) search a proof from the gate agent.

Because the flight progresses, the One would possibly begin a psychological listing of all of the methods the airline might enhance its service. Maybe they’ll even draft a politely stern electronic mail to customer support, all whereas making certain they’re following each rule and course over the loudspeaker to the tee.

Kind 1 Necessities:

  • Noise-canceling headphones (to dam out any annoying sounds)
  • A travel-sized hand sanitizer (as a result of hygiene is paramount)
  • A well-organized carry-on bag (as a result of chaos is the enemy)

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Kind 2: The Helper

Twos are essentially the most useful passengers you possibly can think about. They scan their flight attendant’s face for any signal of fatigue and hold tabs on their fellow passengers, ensuring everybody seems snug.  “Is that this your first time flying?” they ask, prepared to supply comforting phrases and probably a home made snack to the uneasy-looking passenger subsequent to them. They might even attempt to befriend the flight attendants, providing to assist serve drinks or calm nervous flyers.

Later, they could strike up a dialog with the individual within the subsequent seat, delving into deep discussions about life, love, and the deserves of a possible friendship. By the top of the flight, they’ve in all probability made not less than three new buddies and exchanged contact data with their neighbors.

Kind 2 Necessities:

  • Do-it-yourself cookies or snacks (to share with fellow passengers)
  • A heartfelt novel (to cross the time and really feel all of the feelings)
  • A comfy blanket (to supply to somebody who is perhaps chilly)

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Kind 3: The Achiever

Kind 3s are in all probability flipping by means of the in-flight journal, studying up on the most recent enterprise traits and success tales. They could take a second to visualise themselves being interviewed for the duvet function. Even when they’ve a concern of flying, they’ll masks it by exuding confidence and management, maybe by brushing up on their marketing strategy or engaged on a PowerPoint presentation.

Because the airplane cruises alongside, they is perhaps making psychological notes on the best way to maximize productiveness throughout the flight. “I might end this spreadsheet, replace my LinkedIn profile, and possibly even draft a brand new weblog submit about attaining greatness at 30,000 ft.”

Kind 3 Necessities:

  • A smooth laptop computer or pill (for engaged on necessary initiatives)
  • A enterprise journal (for inspiration and ideas)
  • Excessive-energy snacks (to maintain their engines working)

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Kind 4: The Individualist

Kind 4s stare wistfully out the window, considering their very own existential significance whereas the world’s clouds float under them like so many misplaced goals. They is perhaps entranced by the peculiar reflections on their tray desk, or maybe jotting down poetic musings in a journal that’s as brooding as they’re.

These are the kinds who in all probability introduced a classic typewriter of their carry-on and at the moment are typing out a heartfelt soliloquy, a lot to the chagrin of their close by passengers. They’re deeply concerned in curating their distinctive id, even whereas hurtling by means of the clouds. “Do these stale pretzels one way or the other symbolize the human situation?” they ponder, whereas slowly munching in an suave and deliberate method.

Kind 4 Necessities:

  • A classic journal (for capturing all these deep, soul-searching ideas)
  • A novel by a useless poet (for inspiration and commiseration)
  • An eclectic playlist (as a result of nobody can perceive their distinctive style in music)

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Kind 5: The Investigator

Kind 5s are those who appear to be completely content material in their very own little bubble, hunched over a hefty tome that’s solely barely lighter than their compact carry-on. These introverted and extremely analytical souls are grappling with the everlasting query: “Why did I ever depart the consolation of my mattress?” The mere considered small speak with the passenger within the subsequent seat sends shivers down their backbone. They desperately hope that their aura of intense focus will act as a drive subject towards any undesirable interactions.

Because the flight progresses, 5s are mentally cataloging each noise the airplane makes, making an attempt to determine the precise make and mannequin of the engines. They could even take out a notepad to jot down some speculative aeronautical theories, within the occasion that the airplane requires an emergency touchdown and the pilots want their skilled recommendation. In the end, they really feel a way of accomplishment if they will cross all the flight with out talking a single phrase to anybody.

Kind 5 Necessities:

  • A thick, obscure e-book (ideally one thing that screams, “Don’t disturb”)
  • Noise-canceling headphones (to chase away any auditory intrusions)
  • A extremely organized pocket book (for jotting down existential musings and engineering diagrams)

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Kind 6: The Loyalist

Kind 6s are internally debating the protection protocols whereas subtly assessing the competency of the flight crew. They is perhaps counting the rows to the closest exit and mentally rehearsing the steps they’d absorb an emergency. “Higher secure than sorry,” they assume, clutching the armrest just a little too tightly.

Because the flight progresses, they could interact in small speak with their seatmates, subtly fishing for indicators of reassurance. They is also making ready contingency plans for each doable situation, from turbulence to an surprising layover in a distant location.

Kind 6 Necessities:

  • An in depth itinerary (for planning out each step of the journey)
  • A stress ball (to handle any in-flight anxiousness)
  • A e-book on mindfulness or leisure methods (to assist keep calm)

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Kind 7: The Fanatic

For a Seven, a flight is one other alternative to attempt one thing new or see one thing they’ve by no means seen earlier than. They’re excitedly planning their in-flight leisure, ensuring they expertise all the pieces the flight has to supply. “First, I’ll watch that new blockbuster, then I’ll attempt the in-flight trivia recreation, and possibly I’ll even chat with the individual subsequent to me about their journey adventures,” they assume, their enthusiasm contagious.

As time passes, they could flip by means of the in-flight catalog, imagining all of the thrilling locations they may go to subsequent. They is also snapping selfies and posting updates on social media, sharing their pleasure with the world.

Kind 7 Necessities:

  • A completely loaded pill (with films, video games, and e-books)
  • A journey journal (for planning future adventures)
  • A Nintendo (for enjoying video games and connecting with different passengers)

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Kind 8: The Challenger

Kind 8s are surveying the cabin like a common making ready for battle, able to take cost if something goes awry. They is perhaps fascinated by how they may optimize the boarding course of or enhance customer support. “If I had been in cost, issues would run much more easily round right here,” they assume, mentally drafting a takeover plan.

Because the flight continues, they could get into spirited debates with their seatmates about politics, enterprise, or the very best technique for surviving a zombie apocalypse. They thrive on depth and problem, and a flight is simply one other area for his or her assertive power.

Kind 8 Necessities:

  • A gripping novel or film (ideally with robust, dynamic characters)
  • A notepad (for jotting down concepts for world domination)
  • Wholesome snacks (to maintain their power ranges excessive)

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Kind 9: The Peacemaker

Nines are searching for some peace and quiet throughout their flight, and possibly a very good nap. They’re contentedly settling into their seat, tuning out the world with a very good e-book or soothing music. They’re fascinated by how good it’s to have a number of hours of peaceable solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of on a regular basis life. When the turbulence threatens to disrupt their homeostasis, they flip their ideas to a peaceable proverb, repeating it of their thoughts till the anxiousness lessens. “It is a nice alternative to loosen up and recharge,” they assume, adjusting their neck pillow.

Because the flight goes on, they could interact in mild dialog with their seatmates, at all times aiming to maintain issues nice and harmonious. They’re joyful to flow and revel in no matter comes their method, whether or not it’s a shock snack or an surprising film suggestion.

Kind 9 Necessities:

  • A neck pillow and eye masks (for final consolation)
  • A relaxing playlist (to create a peaceable ambiance)
  • A delicate, uplifting e-book (to maintain issues stress-free)

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What Are Your Ideas?

How do you’re feeling if you’re flying to your subsequent vacation spot? Do you may have any tales or experiences to share? Allow us to and different readers know within the feedback!

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Discover what the 9 Enneagram types are really thinking about on a flight. #Enneagram #PersonalityDiscover what the 9 Enneagram types are really thinking about on a flight. #Enneagram #Personality

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