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The Hogwarts Home of Every Myers-Briggs® Persona Kind

Have you ever ever puzzled if there was a connection between your Myers-Briggs character kind and your Hogwarts Home? Properly, at present you’ll be able to marvel no extra! We’re exploring the most-likely Hogwarts Home for every character kind, specializing in the strengths that each your kind and your particular home convey to the desk.

Remember, these are your almost definitely Hogwarts homes. Any kind can belong in any Hogwarts home as a result of every of us are people which are formed by many life experiences that make us distinctive.

You may as well discover out your Hogwarts Home on the Wizarding World website.

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The Hogwarts Home of Every Myers-Briggs® Persona Kind

The ENFP – Most Seemingly Selection: Gryffindor

ENFP is Gryffindor HouseENFP is Gryffindor House
Second-Most Seemingly: Hufflepuff

As an ENFP you may have a pure need to stay up for the underdogs of the world. You hate seeing anybody mistreated and change into fiery and outspoken within the protection of the oppressed. Your inventive, adventurous soul is the right match for Gryffindor, though you additionally may discover a welcome dwelling in Hufflepuff, the place kindness and equity prevail. Your fierce devotion to your trigger, your impulsive nature, and robust ethical compass naturally make you an ideal match for the Gryffindor household.

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The ENTP – Most Seemingly Selection: Slytherin

ENTP Slytherin HouseENTP Slytherin House
Second-Most Seemingly: Ravenclaw

In line with Albus Dumbledore, Slytherin college students have been recognized for his or her cleverness, resourcefulness, willpower, and a “sure disregard for guidelines.” If these phrases don’t describe an ENTP I don’t know what does! ENTPs will discover their curiosity, ambition, and innovation prized within the Slytherin home. In addition they may take pleasure in debating theories and perplexing concepts within the Ravenclaw dwelling in its place.

The INFP – Most Seemingly Selection: Hufflepuff

INFP Hufflepuff HouseINFP Hufflepuff House
Second-Most Seemingly: Gryffindor

Type-hearted and compassionate, you can find a welcome dwelling in Hufflepuff, the place empathy for the underdogs overcomes quests for energy. You like Hufflepuff for its openness, honesty, and egalitarian nature. You thrive on this home as a result of it prioritizes endurance, kindness, and selection. Hufflepuff isn’t a spot for “cliques” and bravado. It’s a spot of honor, loyalty, and good-will – values that you simply attempt to embody as an INFP.

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The INTP – Most Seemingly Selection: Ravenclaw

INTP is Ravenclaw HouseINTP is Ravenclaw House

Second-Most Seemingly: Slytherin

After I surveyed folks about their Myers-Briggs kind and their Hogwarts home, INTPs have been the one kind who all recognized with one home: Ravenclaw. This comes as no shock contemplating Ravenclaw is all about knowledge over ambition, curiosity over impulsiveness, and brains over brawn. INTPs like you can find your thoughts stimulated on this mental home the place your eagerness to study will lastly be matched by others.

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The ENFJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Gryffindor

ENFJ is Gryffindor HouseENFJ is Gryffindor House

Second-Most Seemingly: Hufflepuff

As an ENFJ you may have a powerful need to catalyze others in direction of progress and transformation. You imagine in standing up for others, doing what is correct, and following your ethical compass – all issues that embody a Gryffindor. Your outspoken, chivalrous nature implies that you’re keen to struggle to your trigger and converse up in opposition to tyranny. That stated, some ENFJs may discover their allegiances at Hufflepuff, the place loyalty, kindness, and sympathy prevail.

The ENTJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Slytherin

ENTJ is Slytherin HouseENTJ is Slytherin House

Second-Most Seemingly: Ravenclaw

Slytherin home rewards people who’re crafty, bold, inventive, and decided. Success-oriented and visionary, you match completely into this home. You might be pushed to realize nice issues and don’t draw back from a problem – one thing that embodies Slytherins. A lot of your kind are additionally drawn in direction of highly effective management positions – a driving power of the Slytherin. That stated, many ENTJs additionally discover their good dwelling in Ravenclaw – an intellectually curious, aggressive atmosphere the place data is prized above all.

The INFJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Ravenclaw

INFJ is Ravenclaw houseINFJ is Ravenclaw house

Second-Most Seemingly: Hufflepuff

Contemplative, visionary, and artistic – Ravenclaw is the right match to your curious, deep-thinking thoughts. Ravenclaws are distinctive and revel in considering exterior the field, prizing knowledge over glory and brains over brawn. As a deeply analytical kind this home matches like a glove. Nevertheless, many INFJs additionally get sorted into Hufflepuff, the place their empathy, kindness, and affected person nature may be wielded to assist the underdogs of the wizarding world.

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The INTJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Ravenclaw

INTJ Ravenclaw HouseINTJ Ravenclaw House

Second-Most Seemingly: Slytherin

After I surveyed my INTJ readers about their Hogwarts homes, the outcomes have been practically tied between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. In actual fact, if there was a “Slytherclaw” home that might be actually best. Mental, analytical, and crafty – each of those homes can be a great match for INTJs. The keen quest for data that defines INTJs can also be a defining power of the Ravenclaw home. The ambition and resourcefulness of the Slytherin home can also be a defining energy of this kind.

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The ESFP – Most Seemingly Selection: Gryffindor

ESFP is Gryffindor HouseESFP is Gryffindor House

Second-Most Seemingly: Hufflepuff

Standing up for the weak, appearing in your impulses, trusting your coronary heart – these are all issues that embody Gryffindors and ESFPs as nicely. This home is ideal for you because it takes benefit of your resourcefulness, bravery, and need to face up for others. You don’t thoughts taking dangers in protection of your values and you’ll even be reckless if you’re pushed to guard others.

The ESTP – Most Seemingly Selection: Gryffindor

ESTP is Gryffindor HouseESTP is Gryffindor House

Second-Most Seemingly: Slytherin

You may have strong-willed, relentless need to struggle for what you imagine in. Or simply struggle. Both manner, Gryffindor takes benefit of your sturdy instincts, bravery, and need for motion. You take pleasure in standing up for others, defending the powerless, and daring others to take you on. Your nerve, resourcefulness, and typically hot-headed nature will serve you nicely on this home. That stated, your ambition and pure crafty nature may additionally serve you nicely in Slytherin.

The ISFP – Most Seemingly Selection: Gryffindor

ISFP Gryffindor HouseISFP Gryffindor House

Second-Most Seemingly: Hufflepuff

Folks could underestimate you due to your reserved, enigmatic nature – however you’re meant for excellent issues. You imagine in preventing for the underdogs and preserving the rights of the oppressed. Achievement is thrilling, however you’re extra drawn to defending your trigger, irrespective of the fee. Your nerve, loyalty, and willpower to guard others make you the quintessential Gryffindor. Nevertheless, lots of your kind additionally discover Hufflepuff to be extra their fashion. In Hufflepuff you’ll be able to struggle your values behind-the-scenes, uniting with deep however kind-hearted misfits who patiently enhance the wizarding world.

The ISTP – Most Seemingly Selection: Ravenclaw

ISTP is Ravenclaw HouseISTP is Ravenclaw House

Second-Most Seemingly: Gryffindor

After I surveyed my readers about their Hogwarts homes, ISTPs practically tied between Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. ISTPs prize knowledge, creativity, and cleverness – all issues that home Ravenclaw emulates. In addition they have the bravery and impulsivity that embody Gryffindor home. This versatile, mysterious kind can adapt to a number of completely different homes so long as their brains, want for autonomy, and stressed power are glad.

The ESFJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Hufflepuff

ESFJ is Hufflepuff HouseESFJ is Hufflepuff House

Second-Most Seemingly: Gryffindor

Loyal, type, and dependable – as an ESFJ you have been tailored for home Hufflepuff. You imagine in working exhausting to care for your neighborhood, and also you’re less-concerned with being within the highlight than you might be with teamwork and honest remedy. As a Hufflepuff you imagine in holding your phrase, sparing folks’s emotions, and dealing exhausting to create unity and camaraderie in a gaggle.

The ESTJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Slytherin

ESTJ is Slytherin HouseESTJ is Slytherin House

Second-Most Seemingly: Gryffindor

Brave, resourceful, and impressive – Home Slytherin provides you an opportunity to point out the world your distinctive management capabilities. As an ESTJ you prize willpower, hard-work, and loyalty – all issues which are revered in Slytherin. Certain, you may get energy hungry typically – however that’s solely since you rapidly see tips on how to make issues environment friendly and efficient. In case you’re undecided about Slytherin, Gryffindor is a superb second possibility. Many ESTJs wind up in Gryffindor due to their braveness, chivalry, and need to do what’s proper for his or her neighborhood.

The ISFJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Hufflepuff

ISFJ is Hufflepuff HouseISFJ is Hufflepuff House

Second-Most Seemingly: Gryffindor

You need to be in a home the place kindness, neighborhood, and fair-treatment rule the day. Due to that, Hufflepuff is an ideal match for you. Right here you’ll be able to work exhausting to protect your neighborhood, are inclined to the much less lucky, and, if vital, struggle for justice. The loyal and reliable nature of Hufflepuffs is one thing you emulate and in addition admire in your friends.

The ISTJ – Most Seemingly Selection: Hufflepuff

ISTJ is Hufflepuff HouseISTJ is Hufflepuff House

Second-Most Seemingly: Slytherin

As an ISTJ you imagine in justice, the Aristocracy, and loyalty. These are all virtues which are prized in Hufflepuff and make you are feeling particularly at dwelling right here. You imagine in doing the exhausting work that preserves communities, values, and honorable traditions. Your kind is normally much less involved with chasing the highlight than patiently preventing for equity and reality. That stated, some ISTJs discover Slytherin extra to their liking. In Slytherin they’ll use their resourcefulness, wit, and loyalty to realize new heights of energy.

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