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The fifth dimensional frequency operates on Earth proper now. You possibly can entry it and pay attention to it by elevating your consciousness. How do you do that? Effectively, there are lots of methods. Firstly, by bodily cleaning and de-toxing your physique. It may take many weeks or months to extract and rework decrease degree vitality in your cells by a clear weight-reduction plan and health regime. Remember that it’s essential to preserve dwelling this new vitality life-style transferring ahead to extra simply entry 5D consciousness.

As soon as your bodily physique begins to really feel and turn out to be lighter and spins sooner, your frequency rises. This vitality shift and acceleration of your physique, routinely alters and lifts your psychological and emotional states. You’ll start to change from a adverse perspective on life to a constructive one. As soon as this takes place, you’ll turn out to be conscious of and really a lot excited by a increased consciousness and a non secular connection. You’ll search for that means and depth inside every little thing and your coronary heart area will open broad (the soul chamber), permitting your higher degree vitality centres of the thymus, throat, third eye, crown and soul star to all – activate.

When this occurs, you’ll be transferring by life every day (for all intents and functions) simply the identical as you probably did in your 3D regular waking consciousness. Nonetheless, you’ll be seeing and interacting with every little thing and everybody with a increased knowledge, discernment and understanding that you’re a cosmic mild being (experiencing humanity by the physique and the position that you just’ve chosen) and that you just work in tandem with the universe, because the grasp of your actuality.

You’ll be working increased up within the electro-magnetic spectrum. Some individuals might not be capable to see you anymore, as a result of your vitality wave lengths are transferring too quick for them to grasp. Ever had somebody stroll or stumble upon you, like they’d no thought you had been there? That is after we begin to break free from locations and those that now not ‘resonate’ with us. That is when many relationships and household conditions shift, as we transfer in direction of discovering our higher-resonating group, our soul household right here in Earth.

Now, this 5D state of consciousness is on the market to everybody who does the work to achieve it and carry on elevating as soon as they’ve. It’s been mentioned by the ancients that the final word function of life is to achieve ‘enlightenment’. In my expertise, transferring your self to the 5D degree of consciousness is a part of that course of.

Which brings us to 5G – a really totally different degree of consciousness. Should you haven’t already heard about 5G, you quickly will. 5G stands for ‘fifth era wi-fi know-how’. We at present function our digital mobile networks on 4G (3G know-how can also be nonetheless in operation), however very quickly many components of the world will transfer to 5G and regardless of the place you reside, you’ll be topic to its affect.

5G operates within the higher portion of the micro-wave bandwidth alongside the electro-magnetic spectrum of sunshine. It’s within the non-ionizing wave size of the spectrum, that means that it doesn’t alter DNA, by ionizing and destroying electrons in base molecules. It does nonetheless warmth us up and impacts pores and skin. Little or no analysis has been carried out on the consequences of 5G know-how on people, animals, crops and the setting. Though we do know sufficient to know that it’s going to enhance the quantity of EMF’S (electro-motive power) that we’re topic to, which does have an effect on our brainwave states So, when it’s turned on, we’re but to search out our what it’ll do to us all.

Certainly 5D know-how will enhance the radiation emitted from antennas put in to direct the vitality wave and since 5G operates on the higher-frequency finish of the micro-wave spectrum (30 to presumably 300GHz – that’s virtually pushing into the wavelength of daylight) transmitters must be put in at a lot shorter intervals to successfully switch the upper wavelengths. These are referred to as ‘millimeter wave emissions’ they usually have by no means earlier than been pulsed out into public areas earlier than. 5G transmitters shall be put in on telegraph poles proper down your native streets at quick intervals, in addition to on practically each constructing in our CBD’s) because the millimeter waves don’t journey effectively over lengthy distances. Because of this ultimately most of us can have 5G publicity.

Media and authorities will let you know that 5G is being put in to make your cellular and Web connections transfer a lot sooner, but actually it’s being put in for ‘information sharing’ and in order that machines (AI) and the web of issues can all speak to 1 one other. It’s taking place for the AI, not humanity, in addition to the lower in privateness and unprecedented seize of our private info that governments can have entry to.

Now, I discover it fascinating that simply as increasingly of us are opening up, asking questions, considering for ourselves, connecting with cosmic vitality and rising in 5D consciousness, that 5G is launched. What does it imply? Effectively, I all the time wish to take a better view lifestyle and every little thing that occurs to us. For when 5G is launched, we’re all going to be listening to the time period ‘high-frequency’ far more. For 5G operates within the high-frequency vary of the microwave spectrum.

I’ve some particular concepts on how we will align ourselves and assist ourselves, in order that we’ve got the minimal interference by the 5G know-how about to affect the globe.

Contemplate that the wave lengths means ABOVE microwaves are the ionizing areas of the spectrum of sunshine (assume nuclear). These exist above the infrared and visual spectrum of sunshine. After we get to the ionizing a part of the electro-magnetic spectrum these wave lengths do alter DNA – that means that when uncovered to them, they alter our construction, on a deep-cellular degree.

These are the ultra-violet wave lengths, x-rays and cosmic/gamma rays. Now most of us are by no means instantly uncovered to such high-frequency ranges of radiation on the bodily degree. Nonetheless, after we develop our consciousness to a high-frequency, we do have entry to such excessive ranges of sunshine – energetically.

You’ll have heard of many holistic therapeutic therapies centered upon activating additional strands of our DNA – 12 strand DNA I’ve typically related this with activating deeper states of consciousness in a bodily secure means, by meditation and life-style shifts. Not too long ago, I wrote a weblog submit about The Schumann Resonance and our rise in international consciousness. That is Earth’s resonant heartbeat and it has been rising in amplitude since 2014. And since it’s instantly affecting our alpha brainwave state, our minds – our information processing speeds have additionally accelerated since 2014. Learn the weblog submit for all the small print.

The Schumann Resonance additionally prompts the gamma mind wave state, which connects us knowingly to cosmic consciousness. Now, right here’s a degree. All of this increased vibration (5D and past) could make you’re feeling so ungrounded (in your 3D physique) that you just discover it arduous to function within the on a regular basis. So, why take your self there when you can’t function right here effectively? Effectively, what when you may take your thoughts ‘increased’ to the cosmic degree and nonetheless be grounded, not shedding any of your consciousness? You possibly can and the reply is together with your…coronary heart.

Our coronary heart is the best gateway to grounding and exercising a accountable rise in frequency. Certainly the ancients knew that the center is the container of soul essence in our human physique – and soul is you. Soul is such concentrated mild, that every of us may create our personal mini-big bang with who we’re, and we regularly do.

The center ‘thinks’ on a special wave size to the mind. It’s the first organ to develop in our physique, as soul enters within the womb. It’s soul, inside the coronary heart, which retains us alive on this human life. After we assume and open our coronary heart’s vitality, we lead with soul and this in flip prompts our mind to comply with go well with.

After we can develop our coronary heart we’ll rise increased and transfer deeper (abruptly) into the human expertise, accessing a knowledge that masters of spirituality have accessed by eons of time.

So, how…..?

There’s a choice to be made. Do you make the time and put within the effort to decelerate your life to follow and implement consciousness of your non secular origins and actuality? And from this, start to harness your electro-magnetic energy? Certainly meditation is among the best gateway instruments to entry this.

I recommend that WE MUST. To rise above, develop our coronary heart’s subject and turn out to be aware on the cosmic degree, each giving and receiving high-vibration mild from our physique, will preserve us working exterior of the 5G realm. It retains us above it and never consumed by it. And to me, this can be a highly effective reply in how we might counteract any dangerous results which can be about to flood the globe.

Elevating consciousness can and (I might say ought to) be your true focus in life. Every of us will strategy it otherwise and all roads result in the identical supply.

Do let me understand how you resonate with this POST and what else you wish to study this important topic. PASS it onto your cosmic pals, utilizing the social share buttons beneath.

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