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Supreme Courtroom Observations – AGE OF AUTISM

Supreme courtBy Katie Wright

After listening to the Supreme Courtroom Opening arguments for Murthy vs. Missouri, authorities censorship of People by way of social media, I began enthusiastic about the 2022 vaccine mandate case. In 2022 the Supreme Courtroom heard a case concerning the legality of Biden demanding a nationwide office vaccine mandate. I used to be reminded of quite a few emotionally pushed, histrionic and simply flat out actually mistaken arguments made by numerous Supreme Courtroom Justices. I used to be shocked to listen to the exact same justices make comparable emotionally, not factually, pushed arguments in 2024. Their outsized sense righteous concern was nonetheless on show. Let’s revisit 2022!!  

Fortunately, nearly all of the courtroom determined such a regulation was not inside the President’s powers. 

A sampling of specious however stridently delivered covid claims by Justices Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor.

Justice Breyer: “There have been 750,000 million new covid circumstances yesterday! Hospitals are full to the max as they’ve by no means been earlier than! 60%, 70%, 80% of these with covid within the hospital are unvaccinated! It’s within the public curiosity to mandate covid vaccine.”

Justice Kagan: “Persons are dying each day! Extra individuals will die tomorrow! That is the largest well being disaster this nation has ever confronted! Mandates essential to minimize the danger!

Consultants have determined that is greatest. OSHU has knowledgeable. The regulators always consider the danger profit to this vaccine (if solely!!), Clearly one threat (being unvaccinated) vastly outweighs the opposite (being vaccinated!)”

Justice Sotomayor: “Deaths are at an sudden quantity! 100,000 American kids are very sick, on respirators in hospitals!”

Biden lawyer: “There isn’t a purpose to not suppose these vaccines aren’t protected and efficient!” Certain! As a result of all of the reviews of vaccinated individuals getting covid be censored have been censored by the White Home.

At first of covid hospitals have been certainly full. Docs have been telling individuals with covid to remain house till their respiratory signs have been extreme. Horrible recommendation. So when individuals confirmed up on the hospital they have been very sick or dying and positioned on ventilators.

In Might 2020, it was thought that ventilators have been an acceptable remedy. The medical group was mistaken. Folks positioned on ventilators lingered for weeks and months, however over 90% of them died. 

The widespread however incorrect perception that almost all of people that have been and would get sick with covid have been the unvaccinated can be incorrect. The huge demonization of unvaccinated individuals by the White Home and the medical group was merciless and mistaken. 

Seems none of our “trusted” well being authorities even requested for proof that the covid vaccine prevented transmission! Dr. Deborah Birx testified, “We didn’t know if the covid vaccine prevented transmission, however we hoped it will!” What!?! In October 2021, Pfizer admitted that their covid vaccines didn’t stop transmission. 

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated individuals received covid.

Kagan’s inaccurate statements appears to be primarily based on private fears, not logic. Hysterical and repeated claims that “Extra individuals are dying each day!” is neither an argument or a query.

Kagan’s claims that vaccine regulators diligently weighed the danger and advantages of the covid vaccine couldn’t be extra mistaken! Pharma and the NIH developed vaccine tips primarily based on the danger of covid to 80 yr olds and insisted your entire nation observe their draconian suggestions. It was effectively know in 2022 {that a} younger man had nearly no threat dying of covid however an actual threat of myocarditis from the vaccine! The CDC knew this and suppressed this info.

Potential the worst spreader of misinformation was Justice Sotomayor. At NO time have been 100,000 kids hospitalized with covid and on ventilators. It was a grossly inaccurate and irresponsible declare indicative of the justice’s emotional and panicked state. Justice Sotomayor ought to have apologized. There ought to be no place on the Supreme Courtroom for justices to make wildly incorrect concern pushed claims.

Kagan and Sotomayor are older girls. Sotomayor is has diabetes and is overweight. Kagan appears to be like to be overweight. It’s comprehensible that they very scared, they have been at comparatively excessive threat of a poor covid final result. However it was unreasonable and unprofessional to them to permit private fears overcome logic and info. The vaccine mandate was about a whole lot of thousands and thousands of individuals not solely Justice Sotomayor. It was effectively established by 2022, that covid had a 1% fatality fee and, 80% of these individuals have been 75% and over. That doesn’t justify a nationwide office vaccine mandate.

Simply think about if the Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer opinion grew to become regulation! There can be a nationwide vaccine mandate not primarily based upon science however the hysterical concern of three aged individuals!

The embarrassing diploma through which Sotomayor & Kagan (Breyer has retired) allowed irrational private panic to make them false conclusions in 2022, extremely, repeated itself in 2024. One would suppose being so mistaken on a public stage would create a way of humility. However no, their vanity is undeterred! The truth is, they appeared to have doubled down in Missouri vs Murty!

Merriam Webster definition of Humility: A low give attention to self, an acknowledgment of gaps in a single’s data. 

Definition of smug: Unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you’re extra essential than, or know greater than, different individuals. 

Murty vs Missouri is a case alleging that the White Home violated the First Modification of thousands and thousands of People by demanding their speech be censored on social media. The White Home argues that they merely made recommendations and that it’s crucial for the federal government to have the ability to communicate to social made websites due to terrorism and problems with nationwide safety.

Completely nobody tried to cease the White Home from speaking with x, Fb, and so on.. about terrorism, Missouri argued. The issue is that the White Home sought to aggressively censor individuals’s opinions, experiences and questions. There isn’t a relationship to the posts the White Home demanded be censored and issues of nationwide safety.

White Home: “The Biden White Home promoted accountable actions actions to guard public security and safety.” 

WhiteHouse: “There was no improper stress. Not one of the challenged statements threatened, overtly or covertly, some type of punishment.”

I encourage the reader to be the decide. The next are direct quotes from White Home representatives to social media web site workers. Are they coercive or merely useful recommendations as the federal government alleges?


A Meta worker relating to fixed White Home censorship requests: “We will extrapolate that White Home would really like us to take away content material that gives ANY detrimental info or opinions concerning the covid vaccine.”

Meta worker: “The Surgeon Basic desires us to take away (covid vaccine) true details about unwanted side effects.”

Andy Slavitt, White Home Aide: “Who can we speak to concerning the excessive ranges of misinformation on Amazon. Should you seek for vaccine below books…its regarding.” Slavitt complained about Amazon promoting ANY books crucial of vaccine security and wished them eliminated.

Threatening Fb with revisiting Part 230 is presumably essentially the most highly effective methodology to face Fb to obey censorship instructions.” 

Biden: “Look, they (Fb) are killing individuals. The one pandemic we’ve got is amongst unvaccinated individuals and that they’re killing individuals.” This was inflammatory and patently unfaithful. 

White Home Affairs requested You Tube executives to fulfill with their employees and spotlight their (censorship) efforts as a result of “we proceed to have questions on their scale back (misinformation) efforts.”

“We (Biden admin.) consider that having this chance so that you can share extra background can be massively helpful as we search to work intently with Biden administration on a number of coverage fronts.” 

Rob Flaherty White Home Director of Social Media, dispatched the next when a publish wasn’t censored rapidly sufficient for his liking: “Are you guys fucking critical? Why hasn’t this been eliminated?? I would like a solution and I would like it in the present day! We (White Home) have been talking about potential revisiting part 230.”

White Home lawyer: “White Home has no actual energy to pressure social media platforms to censor or take away content material, These firms are highly effective, refined entities that may say no.” Sure, Fb, Instagram, X, and so on…are highly effective firms, however you understand who’s rather a lot MORE highly effective?? The White Home!! It’s true that social media did say no to some censorship requests, however when requests went from a nudge to an indignant expletive stuffed rant, they all the time capitulated. And who might blame them? White Home threatening to presumably decontrol their firms!

Truthfully, this ought to be a 9-0 Supreme Courtroom ruling however our fanatically covid fearful Supreme Courtroom Justices Sotomayor, Kagan have been again in type! To make issues worse, the latest Supreme Courtroom Justice, Jackson, made some extremely inaccurate and troubling arguments concerning the First Modification.I sat in amazement that Justice Jackson has a seat on the Supreme Courtroom  after her line of questioning. 

In response to the accusation of presidency censorship Justice Jackson said, “You (White Home) have been making an attempt to make sure the general public has correct inFormation within the context of a one in a lifetime pandemic.” Okay, that assumes 2 issues, that the knowledge censored harmed public security and that the federal government info it was changed with was true info. The White Home censored girls discussing how their durations have been screwed up publish covid vaccine and individuals who mentioned they didn’t like carrying masks. Which one among this censored matters “endangered the general public?” 

In the meantime, the White Home was boldly mendacity to the general public by claiming that the covid vaccine prevented transmission. There was NEVER proof of this! People have been belittled, hectored and harangued for refusing the covid vaccine. The unvaccinated have been labeled killers, castigated by the president, and fired from their jobs primarily based wholly upon a lie. Folks’s careers have been destroyed, some went bankrupt.

Isn’t the truth that the Biden administration lied in stating the covid vaccine prevented transmission was tremendously dangerous public security? Given the truth that belief in these establishments is now at an all time low, I’d say sure, authorities lies, not free speech, harmed public security.

Justice Jackson claimed “it’s inconceivable to outline coercion.” No, it isn’t! In keeping with Cambridge College Dictionary, “coercion is the usage of pressure to influence somebody to do one thing they’re unwilling to do.” When X demurred about eradicating some posts they’re threatened with the White Home saying “they could must revisit Part 230.” And guess what occurred?? The posts have been eliminated! Excellent instance of coercion!

The Biden administration lawyer tells Justice Jackson that “the federal government stayed on the persuasive aspect and by no means coerced!” Fascinating declare. It’s true that the federal government by no means explicitly mentioned, “If you don’t censor x you may be punished and that is how.” Come on, did they actually need to?

Jennifer Jones of First Modification Institute at Columbia College: “The First Modification forbids the federal government from coercing an entity, together with a social media platform, into censoring somebody’s speech and that’s true if coercion is direct or delicate.

Lastly, Supreme Courtroom Justices are human beings. They panic, get scared and exaggerate threat, as many individuals do. Nonetheless, in an expert setting and ready of super energy, the justices want to tug themselves collectively and never make covid circumstances about their outsize and illogical fears. Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer’s claims that the “covid is the worst pandemic this nation has ever confronted,” is, as soon as once more, hyperbole. The 1983 Cholera epidemic and 1906 Typhoid epidemic have been far worse. I hope Supreme Courtroom judges relax and suppose clearly earlier than they justify egregious authorities censorship primarily based upon false authorities info. 

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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