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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Reminds Listeners In regards to the CDC Simpsonwood Vaccine Manipulation

SimpsonwoodThanks to Anne Dachel for her transcription genius. Watch the interview, if solely to see for your self why neither Trump nor Biden needed Kennedy within the debate. His capacity to recollect, distill and share information is outstanding.

By Anne Dachel

Bobby Kennedy is an unimaginable speaker. With out notes he can cite statistics that present his huge command of knowledge on so many points very important to Individuals.

This was by no means extra evident than throughout a latest speak with former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor, Shawn Ryan on his podcast.

It was over two and a half hours lengthy, and it was fascinating in its entirety. What actually stood out to me was 10 minutes of the interview at 1 hour, 52 minutes.

(Transcribed under)

Right here Kennedy talked about SIMPSONWOOD, which was a clandestine assembly of well being officers, scientists and vaccine makers held at a secluded convention middle in Norcross, GA in June 2000, 20 miles from CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

Throughout this two day assembly, attendees talked concerning the proof of a transparent hyperlink between the vaccines youngsters had been getting and the explosion in neurological issues, most notably autism.

On the primary day they talked concerning the proof they had been seeing, and the second was all about the best way to cowl it up.

Shawn Ryan Present June 17, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – CIA Propaganda & Data Manipulation

The half on Simpsonwood 1:52:20

Shawn Ryan requested Robert Kennedy, Is there something in that’s within the media about you that’s fully false?

Robert Kennedy: I might say, virtually every little thing. You may’t say every little thing as a result of they get event information proper.

I feel the portrayals of me within the media, my beliefs, whether or not it’s about vaccines . . . It’s all fallacious. . . .

There’s no technique to right all of it. . . .The one place you get an sincere dialogue about that stuff is on podcasts like this, the place individuals are doing the lengthy kind. . . .

Ryan: Is there something particularly that’s within the media about you that you simply wish to handle?

Kennedy: I feel the largest form of fixed lie. . . about me is  . . . my beliefs about vaccines.

In the event you ask any questions on vaccines, notably throughout COVID, you had been marginalized and vilified. You had been gaslighted.

Folks had been injured, who publicly mentioned they had been injured, had been gaslighted. They had been advised, no, you weren’t. You’re mendacity.

Medical doctors, scientists who tried to discover various to the prevailing, acquired orthodoxy, their careers had been destroyed. They misplaced their insurance coverage insurance policies, their hospital affiliations, their college affiliations. They had been vilified.

I’ve been going by way of this since 2005, after I revealed in Rolling Stone, an article a couple of assembly. I revealed the transcriptions of a secret assembly that CDC had carried out in 2001 [sic] known as Simpsonwood, after they realized that the vaccination program was linked to  the epidemic of autism. 

They’d achieved an inside examine of an information, the biggest medical database known as the Vaccines Security Datalink. CDC introduced in a Belgian biostatistician and epidemiologist known as Thomas Verstraeten.  . . . This database is the highest, it’s all of the sufferers of the highest HMOS, the highest 10 HMOs. So it has thousands and thousands of sufferers.

It has all of their vaccine data, nevertheless it additionally has all their subsequent medical claims. 

You are able to do a cluster evaluation, and you’ll see if he acquired the DTP vaccine right here, is he extra more likely to be shopping for insulin syringes for diabetes 5 years later.

So it’s a extremely good software for determining causal hyperlinks between sure exposures and later medical claims.

They checked out youngsters who had— At the moment, the CDC suspected internally that the vaccine program—

They’d gone from the three vaccines I took as a child to 72 vaccines, and hastily, you had epidemics of all these power illnesses. So meals allergy symptoms instantly appeared round 1989, peanut allergy symptoms. I by no means heard of anyone who had these items as a child.

All these neurological issues, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, Tourette syndrome, narcolepsy, ASD, autism. Autism went from one in 10,000, one in 2,500, relying on the research. In my era, 70 yr outdated males, the quantity of autism, full-blown autism in individuals my age, I actually have by no means met anyone my age with full-blown autism. . . .

With my youngsters, it’s one in each 22 boys, one in each 34 youngsters.

One thing occurred, and  Congress directed EPA—Congress mentioned to EPA, inform us what yr this  epidemic began, and EPA got here again and mentioned, it’s a pink line, 1989. 

There are a variety of issues that occurred in 1989, however these illnesses, these autoimmune illnesses instantly appeared.

I by no means knew anyone with juvenile diabetes. After I was a child, a typical pediatrician would see one case of juvenile diabetes in his profession.

At the moment, one out of each three youngsters who walks by way of his workplace has it.

One thing occurred. Why isn’t anyone speaking about this.

Rheumatoid arthritis instantly exploded, lupus, all these autoimmune illnesses, Crohn’s illness, these unique illnesses no one ever heard of after I was a child. Now they’re in all places.

You may have allergic illnesses, neurological illness and autoimmune illnesses and weight problems instantly seem round 1989.

So there’s a variety of issues that could possibly be blamed for it. CDC thought, it could be the vaccine schedule. Let’s examine.

So that they checked out one vaccine which is the hepatitis B vaccine. They checked out youngsters who had gotten it within the first 30 days, after which they checked out youngsters who had not gotten it in 30 days. 

In different phrases, youngsters who acquired it later or didn’t get it in any respect. And so they in contrast these two teams.

Among the many youngsters who acquired it within the first thirty days, there was, I feel, it was a ten,000 % elevated danger gor a later, subsequent autism prognosis, for those who acquired it within the first 30 days. 

So that they instantly knew what should be blamed for it. It was 11.35, so it’s 1,135 % elevated danger.

So that they knew instantly— It’s known as a relative danger of 11.35. If in case you have a relative danger of two, causation is assumed. This was 11.35.

The hyperlink between smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and getting lung most cancers is a relative danger of 10. This was 11.35.

So that they knew what it was. Then that they had an emergency assembly that they known as. They didn’t wish to do it on CDC campus as a result of they thought it could be vulnerable to Freedom of Data requests, in order that they did it in a really, this distant retreat middle known as Simpsonwood, which is a Methodist retreat middle on the wooded banks of the Chattahoochee River, in a distant a part of Georgia.

. . . They’d all of the vaccine business, the pharmaceutical business, from the colleges, those who check the vaccines, from NIH, CDC, FDA, the World Well being Group, the European Medical Company. All of them acquired collectively for 2 days to speak about his examine.

And someone made a transcript of it, and that transcript was given to me, and I revealed excerpts from it.

The primary day they’re all speaking about, oh my God, you realize, the legal professionals are going to come back after us, no one can deny this, that is bulletproof. There’s no technique to argue with this. That is actual science,… What are we going to do?

They second day they spent speaking about the best way to cover it from the American public.

I revealed this stuff. Then I took quite a lot of warmth at that time.

I’m not towards vaccines. I vaccinated all my youngsters. I used to be absolutely vaccinated.

I simply assume they should be examined and we should know what the dangers are and what the outcomes are.

There are people who find themselves injured by vaccines, there’s no query of that.

There’s a vaccine courtroom that pays them off. It’s paid off billions of {dollars} to individuals who have died or [are] severely injured.

What I feel we should always do isn’t inform these individuals they don’t exist, however we should acknowledge it, and we should be doing the research to cut back the variety of individuals.

I  don’t wish to take away individuals’s— If someone desires to get vaccinated, they need to be capable of get it, however additionally they should know every little thing there’s, what the dangers are and what the advantages are.

However for those who say that, one thing that’s fully affordable, you’re known as an anit-vaxxer. You’re marginalized and silenced and vilified, and made to seem like you’ve dedicated this heresy that  is harmful for the entire society.

That’s what they did .. . .

I additionally assume individuals shouldn’t be pressured to get a vaccine, and for those who actually give it some thought, most Individuals don’t assume that both.

Proper now, CDC is recommending a ninth booster. . . .  There’s fewer than 10 % of Individuals who’re getting it, so 90 % of Individuals have misplaced religion in CDC. . . .

Kennedy went on to speak concerning the restrictions individuals confronted as a result of they didn’t wish to get the COVID vaccine.

Kennedy continued speaking concerning the failure of federal well being care oversight.


 I’m exhausting on all the companies as a result of they’re captive of the industries, they’ve change into sock puppets for the industries they’re supposed to manage.

I imply, FDA will get 50 % of its funds from pharmaceutical corporations. . . .

 I completely agree with Kennedy on the truth that we have to speak about all the poor well being outcomes of Individuals. He continuously refers back to the “power illness disaster” on this nation.

Autism has been efficiently reworked into “neurodiversity”—one thing to rejoice each April, regardless of how a lot the speed will increase. But it surely’s actually exhausting to fake that each one the youngsters with the circumstances Kennedy listed are good for this nation.

Kennedy’s is the one voice speaking about this. It’s time this nation woke as much as the intense decline in our well being. It’s our meals, our water, our drugs and OUR VACCINES. That is a very powerful situation on the market, particularly with regards to our kids.


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