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Professional Information to VS1 Readability

VS1 diamonds are probably the most standard diamond clarities available on the market. This skilled information consists of all the pieces you could find out about VS1 readability diamond and extra. Afshin Shaddiae is among the world’s main voices on diamonds, has authored a ebook, and is a lecturer on diamond-related matters.

What Is VS1 Readability?

The VS1 readability diamond is the fifth highest on the GIA official readability scale. A diamond with a VS1 readability will probably be very barely included, that means there will probably be no seen inclusion to the bare eye.

The GIA readability scale locations every stone in an acceptable class based mostly on its flaws. The colour, dimension, location, kind, and variety of defects all play a job. And whereas no diamond is totally flawless, there’s a large distinction in worth between greater and decrease readability grades. A VS1 readability diamond is positioned across the scale’s mid-range, providing the proper steadiness of readability and affordability.

graph showing diamond clarity scale

Diamonds positioned within the Flawless classes are near-perfect. Though absolute perfection is hardly potential, Flawless stones are as shut as one will get to it. The imperfections of a Flawless diamond require 40x magnification earlier than you possibly can even start to detect them. However, Included diamonds have seen flaws that even a layperson can see.

VS1 readability is someplace in between. The abbreviation means the stone in query is “Very Barely Included.” The #1 within the class title means it’s the upper grade of Very Barely Included diamonds. VS1 grade is positioned simply between the VVS2 (Very, Very Barely Included 2) and VS2 (Very Barely Included 2) classes.

Takeaway: As their title suggests, VS1 diamonds have minor inclusions. These could be mineral deposits, cracks, and related. Sometimes, a VS1 diamond has barely extra noticeable inclusions than these in greater classes. Nonetheless, these flaws are nonetheless so small that the bare eye can’t discern them.

VS1 Diamond Pricing

A mid-range VS1 diamond could be reasonably inexpensive. That mentioned, readability isn’t the one issue that performs a job within the stone’s ultimate worth. Relying on its different traits, you’ll discover a broad vary of costs for equally sized diamonds. Here’s a chart for round-cut VS1 diamonds for instance the costs you possibly can anticipate. 

D Coloration okay colour
0.50-carats $2,300 $1,000
1-carat $10,000 $3,300
1.5-carats $24,000 $8,700
2-carat $50,000 $15,000
3-carat $100,000 $33,000
4-carat $200,000 $59,000
5-carat $375,000 $85,000
6-carat $450,000 $102,000

As you possibly can see, the colour grade could make a big worth distinction, regardless of the carat weight of the VS1 diamond. The tint of the diamond is measured on a scale from D to Z. The place a D colour grade is completely colorless, the additional down the alphabet we get, the yellower the stone seems. 

Though colour Okay belongs to the “Faint Yellow” class, you in all probability gained’t see a noticeable distinction and might save hundreds of {dollars}. However, the value of a VS1 in a better colour grade can simply match that of a VVS2.

You’ll additionally discover that VS1 diamonds with the identical carat weight and colour have completely different worth tags relying on their reduce— the standard and the type of the reduce affect the stone’s worth. In accordance with the chart above, a spherical reduce 1-carat VS1 in colour Okay will probably be round $3,300. Selecting an oval or pear reduce can scale back this by $300-$400. A princess or emerald reduce might even prevent as much as $1,000. 

Is It a Good Concept to Purchase a VS1 Diamond?

VS1 clarity 0.57ct diamond ring tapered baguette accent stones 14690
Classic 0.57ct Outdated European Diamond Clayton Ring. SKU 14690

So, is investing in a VS1 diamond a good suggestion? It might rely in your targets and preferences. Listed below are some professionals and cons of selecting this readability grade over others.

The Benefits of Shopping for a VS1 Diamond

The principle benefit of VS1 diamonds is that they seem no much less good than a dearer counterpart. As talked about, these stones solely have minor flaws seen below 10x magnification. Because of their eye-clean look, few folks will ever be capable to inform your stone isn’t flawless. So, in case you don’t care about what’s below the microscope, a VS1 gained’t disappoint.

Fortunately, even bigger carat weights gained’t essentially present imperfections with out magnification in the proper cuts, and potential inclusions hardly ever have an effect on the stone’s brilliance. 

Professional Tip: With the above talked about in thoughts, VS1 stones is usually a incredible worth for the cash. The bare eye can’t see the distinction between a VVS2 and VS1 diamond, however your pockets actually can. There is usually a 10-20% worth distinction between these two classes. Subsequently, selecting VS1 would possibly assist you to go just a few sizes bigger and nonetheless keep inside price range. 

Is VS1 All the time a Good Selection?

Are there any explanation why a VS1 diamond might not at all times be your best option? It depends upon what your objective is. If you wish to spend money on a high-value stone, going a grade up could also be a strong alternative, as VVS2 diamonds supply an ideal introduction to top-tier readability grades. 

However, in case you’re not involved with the long-term funding worth and need an eye-clean ring on the most inexpensive worth, the VS2 grade provides a few of the finest worth. Relying on its inclusions, a VS2 diamond can generally be akin to a VS1 one. If you happen to’re unsure which choice you need to go for, fill out our kind under, and we’ll help you in your choice.


  • A glowing, eye-clean stone
  • Sensible choice for bigger sizes
  • Nice worth 


  • Seen inclusions below 10x magnification
  • Some VS2 diamonds might seem the identical

Forms of Inclusions in a VS1 Readability Diamond 

Examining Diamond With Loupe in Showroom and Ring Trays

All diamonds have flaws, whether or not they’re pure or lab-grown. A gem’s readability grade is decided by its inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are flaws contained in the construction of the stone, whereas blemishes are floor imperfections.

In fact, the less inclusions a stone has, the higher. Nonetheless, their quantity isn’t the one criterion. The placement of those flaws typically determines how noticeable they’re. 

Inclusions close to the desk (high floor) of the diamond are extra important than these on the perimeters that the intricate aspects of the reduce can masks. These imperfections may have a colour, which makes them extra obvious. Lastly, the kind of inclusion can also be vital. 

Listed below are the inclusion sorts that sometimes have an effect on VS1 readability stones.

Crystal Inclusions 

Crystal inclusions are mineral deposits trapped contained in the diamond throughout its formation course of. They might be clear or coloured relying on the kind of crystal. For instance, colorless mineral deposits are literally diamonds inside the diamond. Whereas carbon deposits will probably be black, garnet pink, and so forth.

Feather Inclusions

Feathers are tiny fractures contained in the diamond. Typically, they’re nearly invisible, and also you’ll solely see them from sure angles. Different instances, they might be coloured and extra obvious. 

Moreover, their dimension and placement decide how a lot they deduct from the stone’s worth. Most feathers are pretty inconsequential. Nonetheless, if the crack is close to the diamond’s floor, it might doubtlessly compromise its construction down the road. Keep away from diamonds with such feathers.

Indented Pure Inclusions

Because the title suggests, indented pure inclusions are small indentations on the diamond’s floor. These fashioned naturally and have been left untouched when the stone was reduce. You may sometimes discover indented pure areas on the diamond’s girdle.


A knot is a clear or whitish crystal inclusion. What makes knots completely different from different crystal inclusions is that they attain the floor of the diamond. A small space of the diamond’s floor might thus be uneven because it protrudes. Knots can typically be seen with out magnification.

Needle Inclusions

Needle inclusions are a few of the most typical forms of imperfections in higher-grade diamonds. These are additionally a model of crystal inclusion, however as an alternative of being spherical, they’re elongated. Needle inclusions are often exhausting to see except they’ve a colour. Beneath magnification, they primarily seem like tiny traces contained in the diamond. 

The best way to Purchase a Free VS1 Readability Diamond?

loose old mine cut diamond in black box near GIA certificate

Shopping for a unfastened VS1 readability diamond can provide you a lot flexibility concerning the setting. However the place do you have to even begin? Embarking on a diamond-purchasing journey by your self could be overwhelming.

You can begin with a easy Google seek for an thought of what you may get in your price range. Respected on-line sellers supply an enormous number of diamonds, together with VS1 readability ones. You may tweak your search standards to see how every issue impacts the value. 

As you’ll discover, every diamond has a singular set of traits, which may make your search very difficult. Consequently, in case you’re uncertain which choice is a greater worth in your cash, you possibly can find yourself with a regrettable buy. An skilled jeweler could make your job a lot simpler. Fill out our kind under along with your preferences, and Property Diamond Jewellery will discover a appropriate choice for you.

VS1 vs. VS2 Diamonds

vs1 clarity diamond compared against vs2 clarity diamond of same specs

VS1 and VS2 diamonds are the 2 tiers of the Very Barely Included readability grade on the GIA’s official scale. They give the impression of being much like the untrained eye, making selecting between the 2 difficult. 

The principle distinction between VS1 and VS2 diamonds is that the previous grade is usually eye-clean. However, you would possibly spot the tiny flaws of a VS2 diamond in case you look exhausting sufficient, even with no magnifying glass. Subsequently, VS1 gems are often preferable to their lower-tier siblings. As every diamond is exclusive, this doesn’t apply in 100% of the instances, nevertheless it’s a dependable method to inform the 2 classes aside.

Typically, a VS2 diamond can seem eye-clean if its inclusions are off the facet. With the assistance of an skilled, you would possibly be capable to discover a VS2 diamond that may compete with a VS1, which may prevent just a few hundred bucks. Nonetheless, even inclusions aren’t at all times detrimental to the fantastic thing about the stone, particularly when talking of vintage items.

VS1 vs. VVS2 Diamonds

vs1 diamond vs vvs2 diamond comparison

Each VS1 and VVS2 readability diamonds have minor inclusions you’ll solely see below a jeweler’s loupe. So, what separates these two readability grades? 

Whereas recognizing the issues of a VVS2 below 10x magnification would possibly require educated imaginative and prescient, you don’t need to be an skilled to see a VS1’s inclusions when positioned below a loupe. Though VVS2 diamonds belong to the elite class, VS1s are extra inexpensive, even in greater colour grades. For example, this 0.67-carat VS1 Edwardian Lamego Ring prices solely $5,500 in a advantageous G colour grade.

On the finish of the day, each VS1 and VVS2 diamonds are of nice worth. The person properties of the diamonds might play a extra vital function in your ultimate choice than their readability grade.

Store VS1 Readability Diamond Rings

Ideas and Methods for Shopping for VS1 Readability

Discovering the proper diamond requires lots of analysis. You probably have your thoughts set on a VS1 readability gem, the ideas under will enable you make an knowledgeable buy.

1. Examine the Diamond Effectively

VS1 diamonds ought to be eye-clean, however you shouldn’t take this truth without any consideration. You need to scrutinize every diamond earlier than deciding to purchase them. 

If you happen to’re buying on-line, discover a dependable vendor with loads of high-quality footage and even movies on their web site. When buying in individual, ask the jeweler to see the diamond up shut. Wanting on the gem from numerous angles and in numerous lighting can also be a good suggestion.

2. Insist on a Grading Report

GIA diamond grading report

The typical individual can’t simply establish inclusions and imperfections on a diamond. Subsequently, they might not be capable to differentiate completely different readability grade stones. You need to insist on a grading report when shopping for a diamond. The doc ought to ideally come from the GIA or the AGS, as these establishments are recognized for his or her constant rankings. By no means purchase a useful stone like a VS1 readability with no certificates, making certain you get what you pay for. 

3. Go for Decrease Carat Weight

Surprisingly, a decrease carat weight doesn’t essentially imply your stone will seem visibly smaller. So, in case you’re on a decent price range, a well-chosen diamond gained’t wreck the ultimate look of the piece of bijou. Nonetheless, a smaller stone additionally has benefits: inclusions are much less seen on such diamonds. As a substitute of insisting on a sure carat weight, keep versatile, and also you would possibly discover a stone you like.

4. Thoughts the Numbers

One other method to economize on carat weight goes for fractions. You’ll hardly see the dimensions distinction between a 1.5 and a 1.47-carat or a 1.2 and a 0.97-carat stone. Nonetheless, these non-standard fraction sizes can significantly decrease the gem’s worth. Even selecting a 1.99-carat stone as an alternative of a 2.00 one could make a distinction. With a spherical reduce colour Okay stone, it can save you about $400 with this negligible downgrade.

5. Decide the Proper Form

5.5 Carat Baywood vs1 clarity diamond Engagement Ring
Baywood Ring

The VS1 readability grade is reasonably forgiving for diamond shapes, however sure shapes can amplify inclusions and are reserved for top-tier readability grades. For instance, Asscher and emerald reduce stones are extra vulnerable to displaying imperfections. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply you need to keep away from them. This lovely Baywood Ring boldly includes a 5.5-carat emerald-cut VS1 readability diamond.

6. Buy Vintage Items

When shopping for diamond jewellery, going for vintage items can repay in the long run. These items are distinctive and useful, so they’re extremely sought-after. Ought to the time come to resell the piece, an vintage ring or pair of earrings is not going to solely discover a new proprietor extra simply, it’ll additionally pay you again generously.

7. Get the Finest Value Doable

Diamond buying doesn’t have to interrupt the financial institution. The primary worth you see is probably not the ultimate worth of the piece of bijou. For example, buying low season would possibly assist you to leverage reductions and coupon codes.

You can even attempt negotiating, and also you could possibly save some huge cash.

Last Notes on Buying a VS1 Readability Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette

VS1 diamonds are probably the most standard decisions for an engagement ring. If you happen to’re trying to find a hoop with a flawless-looking VS1 diamond or trying to set your stone, the following tips will enable you.

  • Examine the diamond to keep away from floor inclusions.
  • Be certain the metallic matches the remainder of the jewellery of the wearer.
  • Decide the suitable diamond dimension for the wearer.
  • Select the proper setting type for the gem’s reduce.
  • To save cash, go for a decrease color-grade stone with a yellow-gold mount.
  • Decide white gold as an alternative of platinum in case you favor a white setting.
Afshin Estate Diamond Jewelry in Jewelry Showroom

A VS1 readability diamond is ideal for budget-conscious consumers who nonetheless desire a moderately excessive readability grade. A strong grade for engagement rings, VS1 diamonds will sweep anybody off their ft with their eye-clean brilliance. Nonetheless, selecting the best stone could be difficult, with many components influencing its high quality and worth. Discovering a mix of traits that fits you is important to staying inside price range and getting the perfect worth.

Our diamond consultants can do the exhausting lifting for you. Fill out the shape under, and we’ll current you with the perfect choices.

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