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Pentecost Astonishment – Ignatian Spirituality

Pentecost Astonishment – Ignatian Spirituality

A basic component of Pentecost is astonishment. Our God is a God of astonishment; this we all know. Nobody anticipated something extra from the disciples: after Jesus’ loss of life they had been a small, insignificant group of defeated orphans of their Grasp. There occurred as a substitute an sudden occasion that astounded: the individuals had been astonished as a result of every of them heard the disciples talking in their very own tongues, telling of the nice works of God (cf. Acts 2:6–7, 11). The Church born at Pentecost is an astounding group as a result of, with the pressure of her arrival from God, a brand new message is proclaimed—the resurrection of Christ—with a brand new language, the common one in all love. A brand new proclamation: Christ lives, he’s risen. A brand new language: the language of affection. The disciples are adorned with energy from above and converse with braveness. Solely minutes earlier than, all of them had been cowardly, however now they converse with braveness and candor, with the liberty of the Holy Spirit.

Thus the Church is known as into being without end, able to astounding whereas proclaiming to all that Jesus Christ has conquered loss of life, that God’s arms are all the time open, that his endurance is all the time there awaiting us with a purpose to heal us, to forgive us. The risen Jesus bestowed his Spirit on the Church for this very mission.

Take observe: if the Church is alive, she should all the time shock. It’s incumbent upon the dwelling Church to astound. A Church that’s unable to astound is a Church that’s weak, sick, dying, and that wants admission to the intensive care unit as quickly as attainable!

—Excerpted from Strolling with Jesus by Pope Francis

Picture by Holger Schué from Pixabay.

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