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Olives Supply New Hope for Diabetes and Weight Loss


  • Elenolic acid from olives reduces blood sugar ranges and aids weight reduction in overweight diabetic mice
  • The compound’s results are similar to some present diabetes drugs
  • It promotes intestine hormone launch, aiding in metabolic well being and satiety

Elenolic acid, a pure compound present in olives, might cut back blood sugar ranges and help in weight reduction. This discovery might result in the event of reasonably priced and secure pure merchandise for managing weight problems and sort 2 diabetes (1 Trusted Supply
An olive-derived elenolic acid stimulates hormone launch from L-cells and exerts potent helpful metabolic results in overweight diabetic mice

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Elenolic Acid: A Pure Answer

Researchers noticed that after only one week, overweight mice with diabetes given oral elenolic acid weighed considerably much less and had higher blood sugar regulation in comparison with untreated overweight mice. The glucose-lowering results of elenolic acid have been similar to the injectable diabetic remedy liraglutide and superior to metformin, a generally used oral diabetes remedy.

“Life-style modifications and public well being measures have had restricted success in curbing the rise of weight problems, a significant danger issue for sort 2 diabetes,” mentioned Dr. Dongmin Liu, a professor at Virginia Tech’s Division of Human Vitamin, Meals, and Train. “Present weight problems medication are sometimes ineffective for sustaining weight reduction, costly, and will have long-term security issues. Our purpose was to develop safer, cheaper, and extra handy multi-targeting brokers to forestall metabolic issues and kind 2 diabetes.”

Elenolic Acid to Management Blood Sugar Ranges

The researchers recognized pure compounds that act on L-cells, which launch metabolic hormones GLP-1 and PYY throughout meals. These hormones promote satiety, forestall overeating, and management blood sugar ranges. Screening revealed that elenolic acid, present in mature olives and additional virgin olive oil, can induce the discharge of those hormones. The crew produced elenolic acid by breaking down its precursor, oleuropein, which is more cost effective than extracting it immediately from olives.

Checks in overweight diabetic mice confirmed that these handled with oral elenolic acid had vital enhancements in metabolic well being. After 4 to 5 weeks, the handled mice skilled a ten.7% discount in weight problems and enhancements in blood sugar ranges and insulin sensitivity similar to wholesome lean mice. The remedy additionally decreased meals consumption and promoted weight reduction by bettering circulating ranges of PYY and GLP-1 and downregulating agouti-related peptide, which is related to elevated consuming and weight achieve.

The examine demonstrated that elenolic acid from olives positively impacts hormone launch and metabolic well being, particularly beneath overweight and diabetic circumstances. The compound mimics the physiological circumstances of consuming, immediately selling intestine metabolic hormone secretion to manage power steadiness and metabolic well being.

The researchers famous that the focus of elenolic acid in olive merchandise is simply too low to yield the noticed advantages from dietary consumption alone. The crew is now investigating how elenolic acid is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted within the physique to higher perceive its security and efficacy for future scientific trials.


Elenolic acid, derived from olives, holds promise as a pure, efficient resolution for managing weight problems and kind 2 diabetes, probably resulting in safer and extra reasonably priced remedy choices.

“Elenolic acid exhibits nice potential in selling metabolic well being by means of pure means, providing a promising avenue for future diabetes and weight problems remedies.”



  1. An olive-derived elenolic acid stimulates hormone launch from L-cells and exerts potent helpful metabolic results in overweight diabetic mice – (


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