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Isabella Sends Her Regrets – AGE OF AUTISM

3E22451E-8A89-4230-A9E3-534251D86E4D“Hello, Isabella, let’s make a plan to get the Hep vaccine,” says CVS in a textual content to my 23 yr previous daughter with autism.  No rationale as to if or why she wants a Hep B vaccine. Not even, “Cease in to speak to a pharmacist about your behavior of injecting heroin and having wild intercourse with a number of males, girls and presumably livestock frequently.” I’m wondering why?

Let’s examine what “consultants” say about Hep B, lets?

Hepatitis B an infection is brought on by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). The virus is handed from individual to individual by means of blood, semen or othe21438ADB-84F9-4033-B125-ED34F6C6EEEAr physique fluids.Frequent ways in which HBV can unfold are: Intercourseual contact. Chances are you’ll get hepatitis B when you have unprotected intercourse with somebody who’s contaminated. The virus can go to you if the individual’s blood, saliva, semen or vaginal secretions enter your physique. Sharing of needles. HBV simply spreads by means of needles and syringes contaminated with contaminated blood.

Alas, Isabella was unable to answer CVS as she was attending a rally on the Capitol in Hartford to ask legislators for extra fund for non-profits who serve the disabled.

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