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The diamond desk is likely one of the most important components of the anatomy of a diamond. It immediately impacts the benefit of viewing, the lower’s high quality, and its price. On this article, Afshin Shaddiae will train you every little thing you’ll have to know concerning the desk side of a diamond.

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What Is the Diamond Desk? 

The diamond desk is the flat side that rests on the prime of a step-cut or brilliant-cut diamond. When wanting on the diamond from the facet, the flat floor on the prime will actually resemble a desk. The desk is nearly at all times the biggest side of a diamond.

The diamond desk additionally performs a significant function in figuring out the high quality of the diamond lower. A diamond with a superior lower could have a particular desk share, and something that falls too excessive or too low will negatively influence the stone’s desirability. See beneath.

Not like many different diamond-related measurements, the desk is measured as a share in comparison with the general diamond width. If a diamond has an total measurement of 10mm and the desk measures 6mm throughout, the desk measurement shall be 60%.

Deeper Rationalization: The diamond’s lower refers back to the gem’s proportions, symmetry, and polish slightly than its form. The lower of a diamond has three essential results on its look: brilliance (the brightness of the sunshine mirrored and refracted), fireplace (the dispersal of sunshine into colour flashes), and scintillation (the flicker that’s seen when the diamond is moved). The desk share will tremendously influence all three essential results.

Ultimate Measurements for the Diamond Desk 

As talked about above, the diamond desk is measured as a share and never with a set quantity. Moreover, the perfect measurements which will get an Wonderful from GIA will fall inside a spread of percentages, as proven beneath. After all, to get a wonderful grade, the perfect depth may even should match the desk share.

Ultimate Desk Proportion
Spherical Good Lower 52% – 62%
Princess Lower 65% – 75%
Cushion Lower 55% – 66%
Emerald Lower 57% – 72%
Asscher Lower 57% – 71%
Oval Lower 53% – 65%
Pear Form 53% – 66%
Marquise Lower 54% – 64%
Rose Lower Not Relevant

Good Tables vs. Dangerous Tables

Though attempting to find out the desk share and not using a gauge and a calculator is sort of unimaginable, figuring out a good-cut diamond is surprisingly simple.

Diamonds that aren’t lower correctly and have desk and depth which might be off will look “lifeless” and “flat”. The attribute sparkle that you’ll anticipate from a diamond shall be gone.

Beneath is an instance of a round-cut diamond with a 69% desk floor. The diamond seems to be totally lifeless and lifeless:

Right here’s an instance of a spherical diamond with a desk share of fifty%:

diamond table with 50 percent surface

As you may see, until the desk share is inside the appropriate bracket (and the depth can also be appropriate), the diamond is not going to sparkle appropriately and can look horrible.

Diamond Desk and Diamond Depth

Table vs Depth on Diamond Diagram

Though this text is concerning the diamond desk, you will need to perceive that there’s an equally necessary and equally necessary issue: diamond depth. The diamond depth refers back to the diamond peak from the desk to the cutlet. 

The diamond depth and desk are used to calculate the diamond lower. Collectively, they offer us the data we have to decide the diamond’s total sparkle.

Sometimes, a diamond’s lower is graded utilizing the GIA grading system. There are 5 GIA lower grades: Wonderful, Very Good, Good, Truthful, and Poor.

Diamond Desk for Vintage Diamonds

Tray of Antique Engagement Rings in EDJ Showroom

Vintage diamonds are very totally different from trendy diamonds, and the requirements in opposition to which they have been measured are very totally different from what the GIA presently makes use of for contemporary diamonds.

Subsequently, when GIA grades vintage diamonds, they often grade the lower as “honest” or “poor.” This hasn’t stopped vintage diamond fans in any respect. It startles them at first, however as soon as they perceive that that is how vintage diamonds are often graded, they shortly recover from it.

The diamond desk for vintage diamonds will often range between 50% – 55%, nevertheless it is not going to be unusual to see an vintage diamond that’s graded below 50%.

Often Requested Questions

Diamond Desk Width vs. Whole Diamond Width

The diamond desk width is the mm size between the size between one fringe of the diamond desk and the other facet of the diamond desk. The complete diamond width is the mm size between the size between one fringe of the diamond and its reverse facet. Each of those measurements shall be written in mm kind.

The diamond desk quantity, although, will at all times be written in share kind.

Easy methods to Discover Desk Width on GIA?

GIA Certificate Showing Table Percentage and cut

The desk share quantity shall be discovered within the “proportions” part of the GIA certificates, as proven within the diagram above. It is going to be the quantity immediately above the middle of the diamond. Within the instance above, the diamond desk exhibits 56%.

The lower grading shall be within the left column of the GIA report within the “Grading Outcomes” part.

Easy methods to Measure the Diamond Desk from Dwelling

Customer with Engagement Ring and Loupe

You will want a digital caliper and a calculator to measure the diamond desk from residence.

  • Step 1: Measure the gap in mm from one nook of the desk to the other nook (the furthest away nook of the desk). Precision is essential.
  • Step 2: Measure the gap in mm from the sting of the diamond to the other edge on the opposite facet of the diamond.
  • Step 3: Use the calculator (or Google) to create a share of how a lot of the diamond radius line the diamond desk takes up.

This method will work for normal diamonds. Fancy-cut diamonds could have a much more complicated measurement.

Do Rose Cuts Have a Desk?

Antique Rose Cut sitting on wood

No. Rose-cut diamonds don’t have a desk. They’re distinguishable by their domed prime and flat base, and though there are six flat sides on the prime of the diamond, none of them are referred to as the desk.

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Though we did our greatest to elucidate every little thing it is advisable to learn about diamond tables, we perceive that this matter might be complicated, even for business specialists.

When you’ve got any questions or in case you’re seeking to purchase your diamond, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are going to reply inside one enterprise hour.

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