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Identical Outdated Story Identical Outdated Tune and Dance, My Good friend

It is the identical outdated storyUsual track and dance, my good friendIt is the identical outdated story, usual storyUsual track and dance

Destiny comes a-knockin’, doorways begin lockin’Your old-time connection change your routeAin’t gonna change it, cannot rearrange itCannot stand the ache when it is all the identical to you, my good friend – Aerosmith

By Kim Rossi

Musings on a melting July day. My hope is that we are able to OPEN hearts, minds and eyes as common Individuals outdoors our group witness the depth of the deception we’re seeing in the present day. “Oh, perhaps they weren’t loopy, tin foil hat carrying loons?” And who does not love the Dangerous Boys from Boston, Aerosmith? Hear on the finish of the publish.

2007: Age of Autism is launched to inform the world in regards to the man-made epidemic of the vaccine injured into an autism prognosis.

2007 – 2024: We have weathered ridicule, censorship, punishment, deplatforming, shaming, misplaced donors, misplaced sponsors and different equally beautiful insults. What we noticed with our personal eyes, wasn’t true, so we had been informed.

2020: COVID hits the airwaves, and a pandemic is born. Seemingly additionally man-made.

2020 – 2022: Individuals turned on one another over masks, 6 ft, the vaccine, and it was open season from pals, household,  neighbors, the US authorities together with POTUS and naturally, the overwhelming majority of the media. Segregation was applauded. In poor health will was wished upon the unvaccinated. It turned a badge of honor to observe family members DIE by means of a window 5 tales up. Tried and true remedies had been known as “poison” and shut down whereas “permitted” remedies killed 1000’s as of us banged pots and pans like lunatics within the streets. Docs and nurses shimmied, shucked and jived for pharma whereas gleefully turning away sick sufferers for lack of an experimental vaccine. “Allow them to die! They do not deserve therapy!” The miracle vaccine wasn’t stopping sickness, it wasn’t stopping transmission. Unwanted effects had been brutal. What we noticed with our personal eyes, wasn’t true, so we had been informed.

2024: Through the American Presidential election, the nation watched our President falter badly in the course of the debate. Badly. Like, “Is there a health care provider in the home?”  Whether or not you are voting for him or not, it was painful to see his schools so enormously diminished, if not for baseline human empathy causes, if just for egocentric causes, our enemies noticed it too.

And in the present day? The gaslighting has exploded. What we noticed with our personal eyes, wasn’t true, so we had been informed. Straight from the horse’s mouth and his press group simply yesterday.

Nevertheless, this time it is totally different.  It appears “somebody” has given the inexperienced gentle to cease the gaslight. It is fascinating to see the about face. Media retailers, pundits, politicians, speak present hosts, common Individuals and previously staunch Biden supporters turning round 180o and marching away. Heck, even writer Stephen King Tweeted it was time for the President to step apart. For whom? Nobody appears to know. How? One other clean stare.

To us, autism is the best stakes recreation we have ever been in. And now, the American Presidential marketing campaign is in its highest stakes ever. A marvel, contemplating we had been informed we confronted an “existential risk to democracy” if Donald Trump gained. But the competitor who may lose relatively than beat him appears unlikely to step apart.


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