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February’s At Residence Romantic Date — Superior Marriage — Marriage, Relationships, and Premarital Counseling with Dr. Kim Kimberling

Sport #1: Candy Seduction

What you’ll need: Bowl of M&Ms or Skittles

Methods to play: Determine who’s participant 1 and who’s participant 2. On this recreation, participant 1 will go first. Begin the timer for 1 minute. Utilizing solely their mouth, the participant will decide up a sweet, one after the other & place it into your partner’s mouth. Attempt to get as many as potential. Change after which let participant 2 have a flip.

Sport #2: Cheeky Chopsticks

What you’ll need: A button down shirt, chopsticks, and a bag of mini marshmallows

Methods to play: One participant places on a button down shirt and makes certain it’s tucked in rather well. Then pour a couple of cups of the mini marshmallows down the shirt. Begin the timer and your partner has to make use of the chopsticks to achieve down and take away the marshmallows one after the other. Change and see who can get essentially the most in a single minute. 

Sport #3: Take It Off

What you’ll need: Every participant wants 10 items of clothes on. Use scarves, hats, sweaters, additional shirts and many others. 

Methods to play: Participant 1 will go first. Set the timer for one minute and see what number of items of clothes you’ll be able to take off your partner with utilizing just one hand. After one minute, change and see who can undress their partner the quickest.

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