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Counterfeit Comfort – Ignatian Spirituality

white mask over full face - image by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay

We’d like Ignatius’s first algorithm for discernment as a result of desolation is a typical expertise. We’d like his second set due to one other unwelcome truth: comfort isn’t all the time what it appears. Typically it’s false comfort that the evil spirit makes use of to deceive us. False comfort can blind us to issues that want to vary; it could possibly lead us to make dangerous selections. That’s so, writes Ignatius, as a result of “it’s a mark of the evil spirit to look as an angel of sunshine.”

This shouldn’t be stunning. The enemy of our human nature isn’t silly. In case you’ve been sincerely attempting to steer a virtuous life for some time, you’re not going to provide in to a temptation to do one thing blatantly fallacious. To throw you off observe, the evil spirit disguises issues. You’ll discover credible explanations for dangerous habits (“I used to be drained,” “That’s the best way she is,” “He needed to get it out of his system”). You’ll discover believable excuses for harmful complacency (“I want a break,” “I can deal with this,” “I’ll get to that another time”). You’ll discover causes to maintain silent when it is best to communicate up, and causes to intervene while you shouldn’t. You would possibly make dangerous selections since you’re enthusiastic about one thing you need to do or possess, and also you suppose the joy comes from God.

Ignatius places it this manner: “It’s attribute of the evil one to combat in opposition to [true] happiness and comfort by proposing fallacious reasonings, subtleties, and continuous deceptions.” The evil spirit produces false consolations, not the true factor. The satan could also be sensible, however he’s depraved, too. He doesn’t have the capability to provide us real comfort—solely God can do this. Counterfeit cash isn’t good; an in depth look can all the time discover the forgery. The second algorithm for discernment is about exposing counterfeit comfort for what it’s.

—Excerpted from God Finds Us by Jim Manney

Picture by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay.

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