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Builder Gel: Utility, Removing, and Extra

What if we informed you there is a product that may strengthen, lengthen, and intensify your nails virtually instantaneously? You may assume it sounds too good to be true, like a kind of highly-marketed magical dietary supplements that by no means actually work. In actuality, although, we’re speaking about builder gel. And newsflash: It actually does work. 

If you happen to’re unfamiliar with builder gel, seize a snack and sit down. We chatted with skilled nail artists Sigourney Nuñez and Yvett G. Forward, be taught the whole lot there may be to learn about builder gel, together with tips about the best way to apply and take away it with ease. 

What Is Builder Gel?

“Builder gel is a gentle, soak-off gel that gives the power of acrylic however the flexibility of gel,” says Nuñez. “It may be used so as to add a protecting overlay to pure nails or so as to add a little bit little bit of size.” It is also used to create structured 3D nail artwork accents, akin to stylish dew drops, ridges, and waves. 

What It is Used For

Extra particularly, builder gel is used as a substitute for heavy-duty acrylic, which will be fairly tough to take away. “It seems to be and looks like a thick viscosity gel polish however as soon as put below a light-weight, it cures and hardens, creating a powerful coating on the nail,” Nuñez explains. Along with providing size and power, Nuñez says that builder gel works like a allure to fix damaged nails. It might additionally assist with dips or ridges. “Builder gel can be utilized to good the pure nail and even out the floor,” says Yvett G.

How It is Utilized

Builder gel was once solely accessible in little pots and needed to be painted on with nail artwork brushes. However nowadays, most builder gels are available in conventional polish bottles and can be utilized with the included traditional brush or a finer brush, relying in your desired finish look. 

In case your objective is all-over safety, Nuñez says the traditional polish brush is a godsend. “As soon as the nails are prepped, apply a slip layer [a thin, uncured layer] to the nails earlier than you begin constructing an apex,” Nuñez instructs. “The purpose of this step is to make sure you give your nails construction. This can assist keep away from any painful breaks and cracks. As soon as the construction and size are sculpted and cured, you possibly can file the nails to your superb form. Clear them with isopropyl alcohol and proceed together with your coating of selection, whether or not it’s nail polish or gel.”

Byrdie Tip

On the lookout for added size? Apply a nail tip or type and paint over it with builder gel to attain your required construction and size.

Builder Gel vs. Laborious and Comfortable Gels

A key distinction between laborious gel and builder gel is the elimination course of. “Builder gel will be soaked off and eliminated utilizing nail foils and acetone whereas laborious gel have to be filed down and doesn’t soak off with acetone,” Nuñez says. “In addition they differ in hardness and suppleness. Builder gel has a whole lot of give, which is ideal for pure nail overlays and brief extensions.” Conversely, laborious gel is extra sturdy.

In the meantime, gentle gel, within the conventional sense, refers to shine. “They’re designed to have built-in coloration and create shine however should not designed to create size or add power to the nail,” Nuñez says. Builder gel, alternatively, is all about bodily enhancement, not simply visible. 

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Builder Gel vs. Acrylic

Builder gel is a one-stop store for longer, stronger nails. Acrylic, alternatively, is a two-step course of. “Acrylic requires the mix of a polymer powder and liquid monomer. Collectively, they make a really sturdy, laborious, and durable nail enhancement, which is why it is good for creating size,” Nuñez says. “The chemistry additionally permits this enhancement to air dry,” so no UV curing is required. That mentioned, Yvett G is fast to level out that acrylics are identified for his or her fumes, whereas builder gel is odorless.


Regardless that builder gel is less complicated to take away than laborious gel or acrylic, it nonetheless requires cautious steps and at the very least 20 minutes for the acetone to soak by the varied layers. “If eliminated incorrectly, you possibly can unintentionally harm your pure nails,” Nuñez warns. “So firstly, keep away from scraping and peeling in any respect prices. And whilst you’re at it, activate present or your favourite playlist that will help you get snug, as this requires a whole lot of persistence.”

For greatest outcomes, Nuñez says to buff off the highest coat of every nail till it is now not shiny. Then, affix acetone-soaked cotton balls to every finger with a foil. Sit like this for 20 minutes, then unwrap your nails and verify the builder gel beneath. If the gel is free, use a twisting movement whereas eradicating the foil and cotton ball to completely wipe it away; if it is not free but, let your nails soak for one more 5 minutes. After eradicating the polish, buff your nails to take away any leftover remnants, then revitalize your cuticles and palms with oil and cream, respectively. 

“Bear in mind to be affected person and delicate in the course of the course of to keep away from damaging your pure nails,” Nuñez reiterates. “If you happen to encounter any difficulties like cussed gel, it’s possible you’ll must repeat the method. Belief me, it is value being affected person versus ending up with weak and brittle nails.”

The Remaining Takeaway

In case your final mani objective is to attain longer, stronger nails immediately, builder gel is value contemplating. It is simple to use, accessible in most salons, and a breeze to take away. Simply understand that, since builder gel is designed to make your nails really feel sturdy and sturdy, as soon as it is eliminated your nails could really feel international. “Your nails can really feel skinny or naked if you take away it as a result of they do not have that coating anymore,” Nuñez explains. “It is like if you take off a thick, heavy jacket and instantly really feel lighter. So I might additionally advocate making use of nail strengthener when you take away the builder gel.”

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