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A Tasty Option to Defend Postmenopausal Bone Well being


  • Each day prune consumption slows age-related bone loss and lowers fracture threat in postmenopausal ladies
  • Prunes comprise bioactive parts that will scale back irritation and enhance bone well being
  • A 12-month examine confirmed that consuming 4 to 6 prunes every day preserves bone density and power

Dairy just isn’t the one meals that promotes bone well being. Prunes may additionally assist postmenopausal ladies keep bone construction and power, in accordance with a latest examine by Penn State researchers. The findings, revealed in osteoporosis Worldwide, suggest that consuming prunes every day slows the development of age-related bone loss and lowers the incidence of fractures (1 Trusted Supply
Prunes protect cortical density and estimated power of the tibia in a 12-month randomized managed trial in postmenopausal ladies: The Prune Research

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“That is the primary randomized managed trial to take a look at three-dimensional bone outcomes regarding bone construction, geometry, and estimated power,” stated Mary Jane De Souza, distinguished professor of kinesiology and physiology at Penn State. “Our examine discovered that every day prune consuming influenced parameters associated to fracture threat. “That’s clinically invaluable.”


Bone Degenaration And Osteoporosis

Bones are made up of dynamic tissues which might be all the time present process reworking. Specialised bone cells get rid of outdated bone and exchange it with new bone. With age, the scales start to tip, and the physique degrades bone faster than it could manufacture.

Accelerated bone loss could cause osteoporosis, a illness during which bone density decreases and bone construction adjustments, leaving it weaker and extra vulnerable to fractures. In accordance with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, greater than 10 million People have the sickness, which is extra frequent in ladies than males and in older adults.


Bone Well being in Postmenopausal Girls

In accordance with the examine, postmenopausal ladies are significantly involved about this. Estrogen, a hormone essential for bone well being, decreases at this stage of life, and decreased estrogen ranges speed up bone density loss. Whereas there’s medication accessible to deal with osteoporosis, the researchers discovered that many ladies who must be taking it usually are not.

In accordance with De Souza, prunes signify a potential possibility. They embody bioactive parts equivalent to polyphenols, which can scale back the inflammatory processes that contribute to bone loss.

Prior analysis principally utilized dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) to evaluate 2D bone mass density and diagnose osteoporosis. Nonetheless, DXA scans can’t distinguish between various kinds of bone tissue or consider bone structural options, which can be utilized to foretell bone power and high quality, in accordance with the researchers.

“Once we take a look at bone mineral density, we wish to know the way a lot bone there’s, in addition to the standard of the bone. A 3-dimensional picture permits us to see bone construction, geometry, and microarchitecture. In different phrases, it tells us how wholesome the bone is,” De Souza defined.


Does Each day Prune Consumption Enhance Bone High quality?

To see if every day prune consuming affected bone high quality, the researchers carried out a 12-month randomized managed experiment with 235 postmenopausal ladies. Individuals have been divided into three teams: no prunes, 50 grams (4 to 6 prunes per day), and 100 grams (ten to 12 prunes per day). Each six months, sufferers have been evaluated utilizing a peripheral quantitative computed tomography, or pQCT, scan, which makes use of cross-sectional imaging to find out 3D bone mass density, bone form, and bone power.

Over a yr, the researchers found that measurements of bone mass density and bone power on the tibia, or shin bone, all declined in ladies within the management group. In distinction, people who ate at the least 4 to 6 prunes per day retained bone density and power, in addition to bone construction, notably within the cortical bone. Whereas ladies in each prune teams reported advantages, 4 to 6 prunes per day could also be a extra sensible quantity. Girls within the 100-gram group dropped out of the trial at a better price as a result of they grew to become bored with consuming so many prunes commonly.

“It is fairly thrilling information for a 12-month examine,” De Souza defined. “We have been in a position to keep and protect bone on the weight-bearing, cortical bone of the tibia and the upkeep of cortical bone and bone power is essential to avoiding fracture.”

In accordance with De Souza, prune consuming might reduce the incidence of osteoporosis, however further analysis is required.

The analysis crew’s paper builds on a collection of investigations wanting into the affiliation between prunes and bone well being. In a earlier examine with the identical group of ladies, the researchers discovered that consuming prunes commonly for a yr helped to retain whole hip bone mass density. They’ve additionally appeared into potential causes for prunes’ bone-protecting properties, equivalent to how prunes have an effect on microorganisms within the intestine microbiome. De Souza acknowledged that they hope to increase on these findings in future investigations.


  1. Prunes protect cortical density and estimated power of the tibia in a 12-month randomized managed trial in postmenopausal ladies: The Prune Research – (


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